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A trip through history from the banks of Lake Garda

It's the largest fresh water basin in the whole North bringing three different regions under one big roof. From the gentle southern shores lined with beaches, to the wild, rocky cliffs and mountains in the North, Lake Garda is a whole world in itself. The variety of vegetation enriching the banks is truly invigorating to the eyes and the souls of the onlookers. The mild, Mediterranean-like temperatures of the lake lay solid grounds for its tradition of wine and olive culture and are an ideal stage of outdoor entertainment for tourists. 

Lake Garda can satisfy everyone's desires, at any time of the day. A romantic stroll with your other half or a tour of one of the medieval towns set on the banks. You are in for a relaxing time, great for family groups with its long list of fun stuff for the little ones and plenty to offer to the trekkers. Recharge your soul, mind and body at Lake Garda. 

Reasons why

5 reasons to have your wedding on Lake Garda

A beautiful backdrop of snow-capped mountains and rugged nature contrasted by the Mediterranean climate blessing this lake area, make Lake Garda a much sought-after romantic holiday stop to get reconnected with the natural rhythm of life.

A line of compact litte towns decorating its shores and the incredible legacy of Medieval sights welcome guests from all over the world, and here's why.

If you are still undecided, here are five good reasons to choose Lake Garda for your Italian wedding.


The charm of Lake Garda's towns

Rated as one of the most picturesque destinations of the Italian Peninsula because of its Alpine-mixed-Mediterranean landscape, Lake Garda is fully immersed in an atmosphere of love and romance. It's no secret that the Lake is mainly targeted by eager tourists in search of relax, and wedding couples wanting to enjoy the real Italian dolce vita. 

Sirmione is probably one of the prettiest and most recognizable spot you can reach on the lake. Built along the popular tourist route linking Milan and Venice, this town is a high-end thermal and bathing resort, and the holy grail of eloping brides and grooms. The medieval castle of Rocca Scaligera bathed by the luke waters on three sides, gives a real magical ambience to the town and any event hosted nearby. In Sirmione legally-valid weddings can take place also on a lovely beach protected by the walls of this fairytale castle.

Another example of romance on steroids can be found on the western coast and goes by the name of Malcesine. Known as the pearl of the lake, this town features a historical center with narrow streets in line with its medieval ancestry, a small fishing harbour and super stylish shops and cafes on the lakeside promenade. The best view of town and nicest wedding shots of all archives are for sure the ones taken from town castle. 

Don't be discouraged, there is plenty more to discover on the north shores with the picturesque towns of Limone sul Garda and Riva del Garda, great base camp for sailing, paragliding and rock-climbing. On the eastern shores two more landmarks are worth a mention: Salò, decorated with pretty pastel-coloured houses, and Gardone Riviera and its monumental estate where Italian poet D'Annunzio lived his final years. 


Outdoor fun

Lake Garda is a real paradise for outdoor sport enthusiasts. All along the northern and western shore, Lake Garda offers the chance to enjoy many scenic hiking paths and mountain biking routes, from Limone del Garda to Malcesine and its impressive Mount Baldo. Many have taken on the hobby of paragliding, a unique opportunity to train your adrenaline and get to know a territory from a whole different angle. The sweet climate and steady winds are big perks of the Lake and for windsurfers, too.


Cruising around the Lake 

The sight of Lake Garda never looked more mystical than from the comfort of its own waters. Longer boat rides including tours to the dramatic fjord-like northern end of the lake surrounded by steep mountains are a very popular sell out. Guided boat tours are also a practical way to reach the lake's super pretty towns sitting by the green banks and uncover their secrets. And what can top off your incredible day than getting all your loved ones on a boat and party the night away? 



With a unique micro-climate favouring vine culture, Lake Garda carries a super respectable wine reputation since the Roman times. Wine tastings are a real hit, in and outside the wedding halls. If you book a winery tour, you will in fact take advantage of a full day of relax and wonder, driving into the rugged landscape and having a first-hand experience of the Italian philosophy of good living. Not far from the eastern side of the lake, it is possible to venture into the territory of the Valpolicella, home of the strong red vines and filled with laborious wineries. Note down another commendable wine-tasting area of Lake Garda, also rising on the eastern shores, that's Bardolino. Here you can schedule in a relaxing break, spend a few hours in one of the local spas and then maybe learn about some wines with a tasting of the namesake Bardolino and the fresh, rosé wine Chiaretto. A very unusual and equally charming location for our civil weddings is the former Customs House of the wine town of Lazise. Dating from the 1300, the water-side venue is permeated with Venetian history and is a favorite of slow food fans.


Out and about

We've asked our couples to tell us what made their experience at Lake Garda so special? They mentioned, amongst others, its proximity to well-known places of interest. For example, Venice, Vicenza and Padua and Verona are just a few hours away from here and they fit the profile of a day trip in an artful city in the North. Or hop on a train towards Brescia, Mantua and the capital of high fashion, Milan. For the lovers of the wild mountains, the neighbouring region of Trentino is blessed by some of the highest chains of Alps and make for incredible ski resorts in winter.


Foodie Guide

If you didn't already know, Lake Garda is cherished for its super yummy culinary delicacies by locals and visitors all together. Bordering lands are usually the richer ones, as the flavours they serve on the table come from the beautiful intersection of all cultural and food influences that they came in touch with. And such is the case of this scenic Northernmost area, Lake Garda's cuisine makes the best of local specialties from its three neighbouring regions (Trentino, Veneto and Lombardy). Indulge in the many fish delicacies and order a risotto to savour the real mood of this corner of Italy. All dishes are prepared with the freshest local ingredients sourced in the hinterland, and a big dash of Italian love. 

On the southern shore of the lake the recipes slightly vary and take on a more carb-based composition. We're talking about the renowned Bigoli con le sarde, a local triumph pasta dish made with handmade whole wheat bigoli pasta and simmered in a sauce of the very savoury sarda fish. Add this to your wedding menu to keep it authentic and bewitch your party. The great variety of main course options makes sure every guest will find their cup of tea amongst delicious whitefish and carp to meats, game or charcuterie plates, a paradise for carnivores, and carefully matched wines to excite the wine afficionados.

Don't miss

Risotto tastasal, bigoli con le sarde, tortellini di Valeggio, risotto all'amarone, coregone alla sirmionese, chisöl, fugassin


Lake Garda in a glass

Lake Garda is a historic wine-producing region. The most renowned wine sort on the lake is Bardolino. Ranging from the dramatic Bardolino Classico red wine, which Italians recommend for hearty eats and fish plates, to the very delicate Bardolino Chiaretto rosé, the wine legacy on Lake Garda is rich. Lugana white wine is a favorite on the southern shores, so order a bottle to pour for your aperitivo or match the fresh fish you'll have at dinner, while Nosiola can follow for the sweet course of your meal. The wines of local production certainly offer a wide selection amongst the most distinctive grape wines that can only match the theme of a very refined wedding menu.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Bardolino, Chiaretto, Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella, Custoza, Lugana, Garda Classico Groppello, Valtenesi DOC, Soave, Marzemino.


The Lake is art

A place of great natural beauty and historic heritage, the shores of Lake Garda have charmed romantic souls over the centuries. Poets and artists from all over the world found their greatest inspiration on the shores of Lake Garda, seen as the very embodiment of the Italian romantic ideal. Fascinated by the unique natural beauty and historical flair of Malcesine, German poet Johan Wolfgang von Goethe wrote and drew about Lake Garda. In this land, where the classical past still lives in sites like The Verona Arena and the Grottoes of Catullus, he found the main inspiration for his 'Theory of Colours'. Lake Garda became the cherished destination to regain artistic energy and balance also for celebrated 20th century artists of the likes of Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka and Gustav Klimt.

Celebrities who lived on Lake Garda

  • Brad Pitt, American actor
  • Dietrich Mateschitz, co-founder of Red Bull
  • Erwin Bach and Tina Turner, music producer and singer
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