Wedding venues

Find Your Own Wedding Venue

With over 2500-ish weddings (yes, two thousand and five hundred and counting) in our career, we can guarantee a very extensive knowledge of Italy's best, surely the most beautiful destinations for luxury and high-end events worldwide. We loved working in some of the most vibrant, small retreats and with super extravagant locations, too.

There is no doubt that having us on your side will work as a great advantage even if you are eyeing venues offering their own service. Just think of a flexible and impartial hand, us, your personal wedding planners dealing with the venue on your behalf, being able to negotiate and re-discuss, go past the structure that exists with in-house processes.

How should you choose the right venue? Well, we recommend first a skype call with us to go over your vision, ideas, and personal needs. There are so many people to contact and details to sort out when you plan your wedding and doing it alone is always worse because it will set the (wrong) tone for the whole planning process. If you let us handle the suppliers, you can avoid having to make drastic changes.

Let us do the hard work and get you the best results, with more opportunities. Here are some of the venues we selected, where we had the priviledge to organize wonderful events. Enjoy!