Castle Weddings in the Vines 

Friuli Venezia Giulia

A luxurious event deserves an exclusive location like this one 

Get ready to enjoy exclusive services and a setting of sheer beauty for your memorable time in Italy.

These are the lands of the Collio wine district set in the eastern side of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where this Castle was built around roughly thirty hectares of vineyards. We know and love these places because they reward generously the efforts and passion of manual work. 

Dating back to the 13th century, the castle long history of successions and noble lineages, distinguished people and daring guests such as Giacomo Casanova can still be felt when walking around the property. Carefully refurbished to keep the original atmosphere and comfortably equipped with all the modern services one might need, the castle provides the experience of a lifetime.


Event options for your day

The castle is a favorite outdoor reception for weddings in the North of the country. Receptions can be alternatively arranged in the castle sumptuous halls, decorated by period furniture. The wedding menus include classic dishes matched to the wines made locally. Certainly one of the most special locations, a real gem where love is celebrated in grand style. 

Civil and symbolic ceremonies can take place on site, while catholic ceremonies can be arranged in the nearby area. 


  • 15 bedrooms onsite plus an extra guest house
  • up to 170-180 guests
  • 30 mins from Trieste airport, 1.5 hours from Venice airport
  • golf course

The Italian canyon

Gentle hills and plentiful of trees as part of a rich natural scenery, infinite rows of grapevines will be awaiting you when you reach this far north side of Italy. Rolling lands of shades of green, taking on more earthy tones of khaki, browns and cinnamon towards the end of September in preparation for the autumn blanket. Not far from here, on the slopes of the Julian Alps the rugged area known as Carso, karst, sets the limit between Italy and Slovenia, an incredibly unique arid landscape revealing hidden sinkholes, sinking streams, caves, springs, and other features claiming life with a soft-spoken demeanor.

The beauty of this corner of heaven is the diversity filtering through every aspect of the land, from morphology to cuisine, language to festivities and daily rituals. Populations of the Balkan Peninsula mingling with people from Central Europe, the Hapsburgs merging their courts with the elegant Venetian culture, for a truly unrepeatable blend of style. From a first glimpse, you'll notice this region to be quite different than the rest of the Peninsula. Quieter, more reserved people who survived wars and natural disasters by sticking together, distinguished by a solid local and regional identity. 

Good to know:

  • 8 km > Gradisca d'Isonzo
  • 11 km > Gorizia
  • 20 km > Palmanova
  • 22 km > Cividale del Friuli
  • 42 km > Grado
  • 62 km > Trieste
  • 98 km > Portoroz (Slovenia)
  • 138 km > Venice
  • 390 km > Milan
Recreational activities

Wine-making is a noble tradition

You can approach this land in many ways, and choose for a more quiet time tasting wines and local dishes, taking long walks in the wilderness and resting by the sandy beaches of the Adriatic, or you may give in to more active, adventorous endeavours. A lot in this region revolves around wine, for this is an ancient, meticolous tradition granting the local wineries big recognitions in white wine production with their golden, sweet white wines, full of Mediterannean sensations and their more mineral, fresh bottles.

Rent a car and you'll have the opportunity to drive around and stop whenever, visit the idyllic town centres and witness the rich artistic heritage this region holds dear.  

Keep busy with:

  • a wine tour of the local vineyards
  • a tour of the hills on a e-mountain bike
  • basking in the sun at Sistiana
  • spaghetti with seafood in Trieste
  • a match on the golf course
  • Tiepolo museums in Udine
  • the star-shaped town of Palmanova