Getting ready for your Big Day

Beauty services

Look your best on your wedding day

International designer Calvin Klein used to say "The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural".

We all want to look picture ready on our wedding day and planning the right beauty service for brides and grooms is the way we make sure that they will feel good about themselves, confident and totally ready for this next step in life. This is also a time during which couples can indulge a little, relax and focus on themselves before being swept by emotions during the party. 

We are here to show you the best Italy has to offer in terms of wedding beauty, so you can really feel special on this wonderful first day of the rest of your lives. 
Beauty experts, professionals of the wedding industry, hair and makeup wizards who have been on our business list of collaborators for years. They will listen and know how to advise you on the style that will make you feel at your absolute best. 

Sit back and relax. We will instruct our staff on all the specifics - your dress, the location, which season your wedding will be in. There are significant factors such as the humidity and heat on the day, which might have you choosing a particular hair style over another.

We have it covered. Why not taking a full day of pamper and rest in a health spa before your big day? Have a massage, leave your worries behind in the steam room, detox your thoughts in the sauna or take a relaxing dip in the whirlpool. 

That's the best way to prepare yourselves for the biggest day of your lives.

Bridal beauty tips

Feel like royalty

The moment you meet your hairdresser and makeup specialist is one you will remember. Often it's an occasion brides want to share with their mothers, bridesmaids and closest friends, a time of joy and sisterly blessing.

A bridal look worth of praise comes from a balanced sense of aesthetics between the dress, the hair and the makeup styles, which often complement the theme of a wedding - boho, classic or extravagant that is. Most of all, it's where you feel the final result honors your own quirks and uniqueness.

Hair styles

Your own hair style

The way your hair looks on your dream day is the cherry on the cake of your much researched bridal look. 

Are you leaning over a modern, contemporary style? Would you rather choose retro and classic? What looks better on blondes? Is your hair straight or wavy, pixie crop or boho long? 

Our staff of hair experts will know what style looks best on you, and the one that matches both your personality and the beautiful dress you picked.

They will be thorough and offer you creative ideas and knowledge.

Tips from our experts

  • Choose in advance the most suitable haircut, and your hair look for the day 
  • Stay true to your personality and authentic look (avoid extravagance, if that's not you)
  • Think about hair accessories and flowers for a fanciful look 
  • Think of a style that with a few twiches can go from formal ceremony to more natural for the party 

The make up

Tear proof make up

We are lucky we can count on some of the coolest makeup professionals of the country.

They know it all - what works best with your type of skin, how to make a nude look shine, what's more appropriate for a Church ceremony.

Their top quality products will endure the long hours and any wedding circumstance you can think of, they will come out perfect on camera, and most of all they will make you feel at your absolute best.


Mani pedi

Pre-wedding treatments

We couldn't leave out the care of your hands prior to your wedding day. They will be at the centre of attention, they will receive the ring representing the symbol of your bond, the promise of eternal love.

They will end up on camera when, with your eyes closed, you'll be throwing your bouquet. They won't go unnoticed! 

Our super star beauticians will help you choose just the right colour and shape for a unique nail art style, making your hands and feet wedding ready.


Beauty tips for our grooms

Getting the groom ready

Our handsome grooms also deserve taking care of themselves in the lead up to the wedding. Looking after their well-being, getting a much deserved pampering session and choosing a killer look are super important steps to get them on point before the show starts.

To all the grooms out there: get your hair in order and pick your favorite shave, your day is only going to get better.


Hair and beard

A fresh haircut and shave

Are you looking to book for you and the boys a nice huddle time at the barber to get a fresh shave and joke around all together, real old-school style?

We can get it organized in no time, it'll be so much fun! 

You'll get the trendiest advice on which is the cut that suits your features best, and a few options to go with a look that meets your needs, and is wedding-impeccable.


Mani pedi

Wedding close up

It's equally important that a groom's hands are trimmed and nicely prepped in time for the big day. They will also be photographed and in full focus, when receiving the band of gold, or platinum during the ring exchange. They'll be right in front of everyone's eyes.

Don't worry and get comfortable, because we have just the right people who can make your hands look the part, neat and ready to hold your spouse's.

Tips from our experts

  • It's great practice to wash your hands with natural, non-aggressive soaps.
  • Apply a hand moisturiser every night.
  • Book a mani a few days before your event.

Makeup for grooms

A neat look

Nothing wrong with using some make up on the groom. We are simply talking about an application used to add definition to the eyes and a very light layer of conceiler to cover up any under eye bags or other little blemishes.

Our beauty people will know exactly how to boost your natural tones and make your face look fresh and rested.


Relax and well-being

Enjoy your day to the fullest!

Why not taking advantage of a full day at the spa to relax before the wedding? What about a pre-wedding worry-free massage? 

Let us find the right place for you, so you can simply focus on yourselves. 

That's how Italians do life.