Your wedding
in Italy!

The wedding of your dreams, worthy of your every wish.



We know how exhausting can be to design your own wedding in Italy, especially if you are looking at overseas locations. You want the place to be just right, but you are often overwhelmed by doubts and suspicions. So what is the secret recipe to choosing the perfect wedding venue in Italy? 

We owe it to our own team of experts guiding over-stressed lovebirds through the assortment of options and layouts. We focus on ensuring that no matter where, you will always get to live a wedding experience in true Stile Italiano.

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How do we make it happen?

In over twenty years of our career, we have re-worked the process again and again, until we found the ideal ingredient that made it all work. It's all about the rhythm

Our process is built on an ultra careful 12-step program: all stages of the event are carefully strategised and choreographed so that you can sit back and take in the enjoyment. We've got you covered!

Italian Style

Italian Style: a touch of real Stile Italiano

What's in a wedding in true Stile Italiano. Italian style is much more than fashion and design. It's about how Italians do life, it's a way of life, anchored in the history and culture of this sunny country...

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