Weddings on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Capri

Get married on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Capri

Meet the real seductive force of Southern Italy

A famous Greek legend tells us that Hercules fell madly in love with a beautiful nymph by the name of Amalfi. After her sudden death, the hero looked for a burial site that could give justice to the nymph's attractive appeal and he came across this magical stretch of land. A story, like this one, leaves even the most cynical person touched.

Few things can beat an Amalfi Coast wedding held in one of the local churches of Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi. In truth, the last 20 years have seen us happily busy with this seaside district, arranging the perfect Italian wedding choreography in perfect Stile Italiano.

Heading north from Amalfi along the coastal drive, towards the city of Sorrento will have you in absolute awe of the area we call the Sorrentine Peninsula. We always recommend our newlyweds drive through the seaside towns and catch up with the local customs as a way to fully experience this rich sense of Italianness.

Reasons why

5 reasons to have your wedding on the Amalfi Coast

With over 50 km of sheer coastline and decorated by a pretty line of colourful fishing villages, the Amalfi Coast stretches all the way north to Sorrento and is an enviable treasure of the Italian South. Tourists confess being overwhelmed by the wild nature, the strong sense of local pride and the 5-plus course meals showcasing the best produce this region has to offer.

If you are still undecided, here are five good reasons to choose the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento or Capri for your Italian wedding.


Close in on La Dolce Vita 

The pace of life in this part of the Italian Peninsula is particularly relaxed and cheerful. Making it impossible not to familiarise myself with rituals like a shot of espresso with sugar, and chatting up with the locals about the beauty of the South. 

Another majestic detail in this scenic picture is the powerful Mediterranean Sea. Taking on turquoise shades near the shores and shaping the coast with secret coves and warm pools, you will not resist dipping in this huge body of blue water. 

Positano takes the lead in the competition for fancy beaches in this area. Here you will be tempted by elegant restaurants and cafes after a day spent soaking in the southern sun. Or note down the name of Furore, a beach worthy of mention, set on a fjord-type spot between Positano and Ravello.

The Amalfi Coast is no doubt pouring with treasured locations if you are contemplating getting married with the sea as your witness.


Save time for Positano, Ravello, and Sorrento

The fabulous scenery of the Amalfi Coast is a treat for the eyes and your soul. Prepare yourselves, you will be left speechless by the little mountain towns and with the sea lookouts in full sight.

You might have already come across a picture of a wedding in Positano. The colorful houses rising up the steep cliff are its proud signature, as well as its list of top-class luxurious hotels and high-end boutiques. Climbing up the almost-vertical alleys will be all worth it when you can turn back and enjoy the view from here.

Positano is naturally the most preferred southern location because the options for both civil and catholic weddings are so generous. The civic hall available to host weddings has a panoramic terrace sitting on the clifftop, from which photos are staged wonderfully.

Also set on a plunging cliff, Ravello is the second queen of the coast. This town has a reputation as the local top choice for extravagant residential and holiday villas. We always recommend it to guests in search of peace and quiet for their high-end wedding in Ravello, away from VIP scenes and tourist cameras.

And finally a wedding in Sorrento, the Queen mother of all the wedding locations. An urban haven of romance, poets and lemon trees. With the rich coast mountains as the city skyline, nothing beats the intellectual character of this Roman-style comune and its key influence on the Italian literary and musical scene. 


Amalfi Coast wedding villas

There is no mystery: for an exclusive Italian wedding, the villas along the Amalfi Coast are the most perfect setting for high-end parties.

Ravello wedding villas are the gorgeous Villa Cimbrone with the amazing garden and "Terrazza dell'Infinito" with some of the most beautiful views of the Coast, and Villa Eva, a small intimate venue with a beautiful garden and the same outstanding views of the coast. We planned dozens of weddings among these two villas, and every time is an authentic joy to design extraordinary celebrations in our Stile Italiano.


Simply Capri 

Originally known as the island of the wild boars, Capri today is for most a destination of VIP tourism and accentuated luxurious Italian weddings.

The rugged geography can only rival the ultra-chic atmosphere you breathe on the island. Since the times of the Roman Republic Capri has carried the label of a vibrant resort, offering memorable experiences at every corner.

A tour to Capri can be a charming day off, whether you move as a couple or with your whole group. And of course, your prime choice for a Capri wedding or any luxe pre or post-wedding day.


Dining at its finest 

We all know that the skill of cooking is a natural art form performed by Italians of all ages, and this area is no exception. Welcome to the land of traditional pizza and dozens of world-known delicacies, from fresh buffalo mozzarella to tons of family dishes.

It is simply impossible to cross this area and not stop and taste their excellence in one of their many restaurants. Sit comfortably at the table, and be mindful of your ordering because their portions are always extra generous. A nice way to close off the dining ritual will be asking for the locally produced Limoncello, if not already placed on the table by the pleasing restaurant owners.


Foodie Guide

Finally, we get to share a few secrets about the goodness that you can taste in the area. The Amalfi Coast is blessed with high-class local produce due to an optimal climate and a distinctive landscape made of terraced fields. Just think of sunshine 350 days a year and volcanic soil super rich in nutrients, what a natural gift! 

There is a funny local saying that goes like this 'the people here are born with one foot in the vineyards and the other one on a boat'. And when you sit at their restaurants you'll know that there is living proof of this proverb. 

Fish-based dishes are indeed the flagship of the Amalfi range of specialities. Hand-made local pasta is a tradition that is still very much alive, and also our tip for you to enjoy the slow-cooked, fish-based sauces made with a typical southern Love. By all means, 9 couples out of 10 end up choosing fish as the main hero on their wedding table. From seafood pasta to delicious bluefish, prawns and redfish main courses, all the ingredients on your plate will be super fresh and locally sourced. For the local fishermen, tuna is like pork for farmers, so every part of the fish is used in the kitchens. And they end up in very good hands. This stretch of land is likely amongst the most creative and imaginative of the country, and that's why chefs and cooks in smaller restaurants are always able to give the fish a tasty new look.

The Amalfi farming lemons are also one of the main reasons tourists from all over the world make it an obligatory stop and spend a few days here. Once back home, you too will start using lemon peel as a final touch to enhance the flavour of savoury, not only sweet dishes.

The Amalfi Coast never disappoints and it will be an exquisite surprise for your guests.

Don't miss

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Campania in a glass

Wine growing has always been a very central activity on the Amalfi Coast since Roman times. With farmland being so steep and spaciously limited, viticulture needed a creative solution. In those times wine growing was eventually realized with the support of other plants, leading to an innovative outcome where vines were mixed with fruit trees. Later on, viticulture was developed on pergolas, as it still exists to this day. The peculiar geographical condition of steep vineyards prevents the use of mechanical harvesting, ensuring a hand-picking process at the end of the season brings about impeccable quality and selection of grapes. The unique climate of this area is ideally suited to winemaking. Top-quality red and white wine varieties are produced on this coast, making the large assortment of delicious local and international wines served in the wedding venues of this area your guarantee for an enviable wedding wine list. 

The finest DOC wines of the Amalfi Coast are produced in Ravello, Furore and Tramonti, great destinations to arrange a private wine-tasting tour to delight your guests.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Aglianico, Biancolella, Falanghina, Fenile, Piedirosso, Ginestra, Pepella, Ripolo, Sciascinoso, Tintore, Tronto, Serpentaria.

The Arts

The Costiera is Art

The Amalfi Coast is a very special destination, a land loved by artists and poets, and evokes the most intense emotions. Goethe, a tireless traveller fell in love with the beautiful landscape of this coast, where lemon trees blow full with pride and the raw natural setting follows in the footsteps of ancient civilizations. As he so well described in his writings, "Italy was the warm passionate south as opposed to the dank cautious north; the place where the classical past was still alive, although in ruins; a sequence of landscapes, colours, trees, manners, cities, monuments I had so far seen only in his writing".

The Amalfi Coast was a favourite destination also for other poets and writers the likes of Lord Byron, Charles Dickens and Tolstoy. Renoir and Monet visited these areas too and fell in love with the great natural beauty of the coastal region.

Secluded villas perched on the rocky surface and lovely adorned churches can be exactly what you are looking for, to fully embrace the artistic flair of the Amalfi Coast during your destination wedding. It's no surprise in the fact that in one of these villas in the seaside town of Ravello Wagner gave birth to some of his most important compositions.

Artists inspired by the beauty of this area

  • Goethe
  • Monet
  • Renoir
  • Wagner
  • Lord Byron
  • Charles Dickens
  • Tolstoy
VIP Weddings

Celebs who got hitched on the Amalfi Coast

Weddings on the Amalfi Coast are on a hype for VIP and luxurious celebrations. Many big names in the movie industry such as Lizzy Caplan and Tom Riley chose to tie the knot in Ravello, with a glamorous event that extended over multiple days and included guest stars Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, and Dianne Agron. The setting for the celebrations was a renowned villa with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

When we hear of VIPs and celebrities, we cannot help but think of a wedding in Capri. It is on this super trendy island that Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kauliz hosted a renewal of their marital vows with a few, intimate guests during a very private ceremony on a yacht.

Another gossiped celebrity wedding was the one of former Dolce & Gabbana model and fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia with Swedish millionaire and entrepreneur Oscar Engelbert. A real highlight in Capri, bringing together all the elite of the fashion world in a stunning event with 300 guests. A stunning multi-day event with 6 different fabulous bridal attires, the welcome cocktail held in the central Piazzetta of Capri, with a magnificent opera performance surprising the happy couple, and their guests.

Italian wedding curiosities

Bridesmaids and best men originate from the Roman law that demanded ten witnesses to be present at a wedding. In ancient times it was also believed that evil spirits could attend marriages with the purpose to cause mischief and disharmony. The attendants all dressed in identical clothing to the bride and groom so that the evil spirits wouldn't know who was getting married. That's why today bridesmaids and best men wear clothes that are similar to the bride and groom.
What we do

How we make it work

The Amalfi Coast is a big favorite for couples in search of a luxury event or exclusive wedding. This is where you will find over-the-top locations, impeccable service, and a wonderful natural setting as a contour to your event.

The raw landscape of the Amalfi Coast calls for careful planning of all the logistics of your event. Relying on our expert local advice is essential to the success of a wedding on the Amalfi Coast, with the guarantee that we will be looking at the smallest details to ensure it all runs smoothly. We count many wonderful events on our Amalfi Coast archive and we are always careful in selecting the best of all locations and the most reliable vendors of the area to make sure that you and your guests can peacefully enjoy your time. 

We know the in's and out's of this southern coast and we vow to walk by your side during the entire  planning process, from the time you choose the venue to being a leading presence on your big day. 

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