Weddings in Atrani

Love all over Atrani, on the Amalfi Coast

Atrani is a small picturesque village near Amalfi along the Amalfi Coast ideal for very special destination weddings. The village is built around a romantic and small inlet, between sheer cliffs and the sea, at the mouth of the Valley of the Dragon.

Typical Italian ambiance… warmth, friendliness and great food

The beauty of this town is such that once upon a time the village was the traditional residence of the noble families of Amalfi, as the calm and the views were so appreciated during the mid ages when Amalfi was such an important and busy town. Your romantic wedding will, therefore, allow you to enjoy a very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, further beautified by a romantic natural beauty… In the evening small fishing boats set out for the night, their lamps illuminating the sea like the stars in the night sky. Could you think of anything more romantic?

Charming churches with views 

Even though small, in this lovely town you will find numerous marvelous wedding venues, such as the many romantic small churches, that will just be ideal for a secluded, fairytale catholic wedding. If you are looking for something very special and unforgettable for your wedding in Atrani we will be happy to suggest you the wedding venues that will suit you best!

S. Salvatore with its prestigious bronze doors is the ideal Catholic wedding church in Atrani: located along the main road, built high on the cliffs, a romantic stair leading to and the great terrace outside facing the blue sea!

This is a very special location along the Amalfi Coast. Just minutes away from the bigger city of Amalfi, in Atrani you will find the perfect compromise between peacefulness and liveliness! We will be happy to suggest you the most charming and fascinating restaurants, hotels and locations: feel free to email us your ideas or simply fill this quick form!

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