Treat your guests to a soulful experience 


Your wedding reception - the highlight of your day

After the ceremony, the focus of your wedding event is fully shifted on the reception. This chapter of your planning can be quite complex and full of surprises, so what we normally suggest before venturing through the thick woods of hospitality options is to spend some time understanding what are your own preferences

Things like indoors or outdoors, lunch or dinner, sit-down or buffet style, luxurious or informal, over the top or modest... organising a wedding reception takes time and clear ideas. Whatever you choose to offer your guests on the day will also reflect who you are as a couple and what you generally like, so it should be in line with the other big choices you have made so far, and with the theme of the event.

We will help you build this structure starting from the real basics. We will evaluate together with you the pros and cons of each venue in the area of your choice. We'll spill a secret or two about what worked, and didn't in the past events and happily listen to your needs and concerns about what could make your guests satisfied.

You're in luck. Italy has a worldwide reputation of being the hospitality champion. This is the field we excel in the most, because it has to do with food and wine, and we are goood at this! No matter the location and the style of the venue, one thing we will always guarantee to you and that is the warm and professional service you'll receive on the day. 

The setting that speaks to you

Level up your W day with the right venue 

With the pressure of having to follow the hundred and plus wedding details, perhaps the limited time, dealing with the expectations of mum and dad and the in-laws, we know exactly just how overwhelmed you must be feeling. Planning the reception can add a huge amount of stress on your already-piled up plate, so we feel it's necessary to keep the gaze focused and work with a viable plan that will sustain you emotionally, and practically through this phase. 

We will help you travel through this time like we did with the hundreds of happy couples that we have worked with since 1999. There are always new trends and options available, that you might not even know exist. Sit with your future spouse and brainstorm on concepts and favorites, get your ideas in order and share your thoughts with us. Once we understand your needs, we will send you all the possibilities that we imagine fit for your dreams.

Castle weddings

A feast worthy of the Royals 

Imagine celebrating your love in the setting of a medieval castle, having your pictures taken one metre away from a sculpture by a famous Michelangelo, or an irie painting by the likes of Botticelli. What if you can sit down for your candlelit reception in a ballroom fit for a king?

Booking a castle for your big day is an experience that couples have described as a journey beyond any possible comparison. If you want to live the excitement of a castle wedding and fulfil the ancestral dream of fairy tales, ask your planner. We will show you just how grand your romantic event can be. 


Make the most of the sunny weather

Al fresco is besto

With some of the Italian regions scoring 10 months of amazing weather in a year, it's no doubt that al fresco events here are a big hit. An outdoor wedding allows you for a lot more creativity in the layout and set up of your reception tables, props and accessories, and is a great way to use the space as an entertainment platform for the guests. Ideal if you are one of those couples who fight against pre-designed, pre-packaged weddings, al fresco is where you can really go crazy and bring in new, super personal ideas. 

Most of our venues come with a green space adjacent to the building of various sizes and design, and a multitude of style accessories, such as clear tents, twinkle and bistro lights, fancy canopies and drapes, at your disposal to dress up the gardens. 


Sail the seas

Love Boat

Set sail after your I dos. If you have never considered renting a boat to host your reception on the water, do it now. With a party aboard a vessel you are certainly bringing a little adventure to your day, and for some unknown reason - gifting yourselves with a certain style and elegance. A buoyant golden hour bringing romance to your wedding buffet and light-hearted fun. Ahoy!


In the great vines

Wine straight from the home cellars

We've seen it in movies, and perhaps we've dreamt it in our sleepless summer nights. Italian vineyards make for super romantic wedding venues, full of tradition and way more informal if you are thinking about staying away from the city vibe. And most of all, they all have that Italian flair that you wish for. They suit couples who enjoy being in close contact with nature, and request a mind-blowing wine list.  Bask in the elegance of the green fields and buildings which successfully combine rustic beauty with pure elegance. 

Treat yourself and your guests to the glories of a tasting room, onsite restaurant and perhaps even a dedicated wedding event space — rain or no rain.

  • The benefit of outdoor elegance with lush greenery, and an abundance of natural light for your photo album
  • Take advantage of the onsite accommodation offered in most of the wine-making venues
  • Blend in your decorations with the natural setting 

Feeding time

Create an original menu

Work alongside one of our superstar chefs to put together the menu of your dreams. Trust in their expertise and add your international touch so each course can be as much about your love story, as it will be about Italy's love for its cuisine.

Remember to make it about you. Choose what you like, it's your event after all, and this moment will also reflect your taste, your individuality. Most caterers offer couples the chance of a wedding menu tasting, so if you have time to arrive at the venue earlier, ask your planner to book you one.

  • Ask your chef to work with the seasonal, local  produce (most of them already do), to offer excellence 
  • Rather than plated starters, ask your chef to set up an on-trend grazing table, where guests can feast on cold appetizers like charcuterie, cheese, etc.
  • Have your drinks served in personalized glasses


Love the wine you're with

A winner reception includes quality food that mixes traditional dishes with a little contemporary flair, and a wine list of success. From the moment they set foot in Italy your guests will expect bottles from the most celebrated vineyards, as well as some legendary, unheard-of grapes. You will probably expect the same. 

If you're not a big wine connoisseur, leave it to the pros. Be honest with your planner and ask for proper help, so we can add to your menu just the right wines. Our caterers work with some of the hardest working sommeliers and wine matching is a natural gift for Italians

After their event, most of our couples confessed loving to be treated with such loving care by our specialists. Our mission is to make you happy with a sensational wedding event.



Shop for attractive ideas

Your own research counts. Actually, it's the solid base we can start working on. The more you and your fiancé agree on before passing the ball over to us, the easier it will be making decisions, as we go ahead.

These days the resources available online are pretty much infinite, so create a Pinterest board, or save your favorites in a shared folder. Write down your deal breakers and set clear boundaries along the journey. You are about to cross a limitless territory, so brace yourself and trust your planner.