Music and entertainment 

Musical entertainment

Let's call the ideal wedding tune 

In 20-plus years of work in this industry, we have literally listened to - almost - every wedding playlist that ever existed. And we still get goosebumps when the newlyweds hit the dance floor with their first dance, or at the sound of a wedding march. We're hopelessly romantic, that's probably why we are in this business! 

Weddings are as much about the bride and the blooms, as they are about musical decorations and fun. A wedding event certainly makes space for an incredibly ample and diverse range of tunes to be played, so this will be a very exciting journey for you and your boo. After all, music has this gift of tapping into people's emotions and bringing sweet memories together. It's a beautiful tool we have been given to connect with other people, so for joyful occasions like nuptials, it's an essential frame and it's the best fun. Classical, jazz, folklore, soft rock, dj sets... you name it, and we'll have it. 

Italy's most passionate performers are only one step away from you. 

A wedding event is a day in your life bringing joy and fun to you and your guests, and we're here as your savvy personal advisors. Adding fun activities to the event ensures a higher level of engagement with the event itself, and between guests, so read below for some inspiration. 

The key ingredient to this part is also our secret - having a team of planners who is quite scrupolous with choosing the bands, or single artists and performers on your behalf because at WeddingItaly we all carry the musical gene. 

Hop on our Team section to find out more about our own musical paths.

Genres and playlists

It's all music to y-our ears

Music is a very personal, subjective matter so in this section you can read about some general guidelines and highlights from us. We trust you, like all other couples have already pinned your favorite songs and saved them in a playlist sitting on your Spotify library, under the name 'wedding music' or 'wedding love songs', and that's a great sign that yours is a work in progress. 

We have probably touched on this part a few times before, but it's a good tip for preparing you before the final selection - gather all the inspiration you can. If you find that you and your future spouse have quite different taste in music, you may do this separately and then we can help you blend and mix the choices into one big pot. The more, the better.

General music recap

We're all ears

Given the many, many moments of your W day, you might want to write down somewhere - or print it clearly in your head - the parts where couples "normally" choose to have music. On this note, we shall add that you are always free to do what works for you, meaning less music or music at any moment, and we'll stand by your decision. 

Source any useful tips from music contexts and perhaps other wedding stories. Use our Stories section as a way to get inspired reading the first-hand experience of our past couples. Some couples even find the right clues in their wedding theme - romantic and classical music for a romantic-themed day, or a live, instrumental entertainment for your boho nuptials.

When you feel that you have collected enough samples, or you're at a standstill, that's when we can start our conversation and work on your music plans for the day.

  • Decide on live or pre-recorded music, instrumental or vocal, classic or modern.
  • You can start by pre-selecting the big songs.
  • Mix up your playlist: start with a harpist, have a Gospel choir shake the crowd, a guitar-mandolin duo to complement the cocktail time and finish with a DJ dance set.
  • Sample it out, have close friends listen to it and ask for general feedback.
  • Include some crowd pleasers, or family favorites, guests tend to love traditional tunes.
  • Some songs may not fit the event, but can be used for your wedding video.

Recreational activities

Let's talk about the fun

Give your group a chance to laugh. Hire a comedian, or even better get a magician to surprise your guests with tricks and hilarious storytelling. Music is not the only means to embellish your day, flick through our list of performers and see which one resonates with your style, or sense of humor. 

We have great memories of past weddings with circus performers and acrobats, dance entertainers for shows and workshops, illusionists, and even clowns. Our trusted vendors were able to put together activities such as treasure hunting in the woods, art workshops, pub quizzes. If you and your future spouse are sowewhat into theatrics and games, we can even spice up the program with solo performances, or plan to get your loved one to come out of a - fake - wedding cake. 

Add one, or a few light moments to your special day to successfully create stories that will be talked about for years to come.