Wedding venues in Puglia


Venues in Puglia: iconic blue and white dreams

Make your dreams come true: the best venues for weddings in Puglia Weddings & Puglia: a friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and charming sea views: live the “Italian dream”!Weddings in Puglia are a new trend: Puglia is one of the emerging Italian wedding destinations and "finally" we say! The beautiful infinite sea, just in front of Greece and the charming countryside mansions and renowned "Masseria" is the perfect setting for beach weddings in Italy or elegant traditional classy Italian weddings. Puglia is the ideal region for a family retreat, but even more perfect for a large party with many friends staying all together in one our selection of unique wedding venues in Puglia.

VILLAS and MASSERIA: typical wedding villas in Puglia

The best selection of romantic villas for weddings in Puglia

The typical and charming venue for a wedding in Puglia is a Masseria: the most historical and traditional building in Puglia. Looking for something special for your charming wedding? Why not choose a "Masseria"? A "Masseria" is a traditional farmhouse of poor farmers who used to build it in tuff, a sandstone that they could easily produce. 

Usually, it is surrounded by high walls to protect its residents since the Turkish pirates occupied the area in the 15th century and after most Masserie are originally from the 16th and 17th centuries. It was a sort of an Italian castle for the people in Puglia where more than one family used to live in smaller houses of the Masseria, and every family used to work the fields producing wine, corn, oil, cheeses, and the traditional Italian products.

Luxury, elegance, and tradition with a spectacular turquoise-blue sea in the background: this is the receipt of a wedding in Puglia. Nowadays most of the Masserie are beautiful hotels or countryside bed and breakfasts: ideal settings for elegant and extraordinary weddings in Puglia and a villa wedding in Italy. An excellent choice for anyone seeking new and out-of-common routes, and an extremely friendly wedding venue in Puglia. From an elegant dinner to an amusing beach party, the marvellous Masseria will always provide you with a perfect setting for an exclusive lifestyle wedding in Italy. For a lifestyle experience in Puglia: cosmopolitan parties and beach weddings in Italy. Taking advantage of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, Puglia weddings can also be performed on the beach. We have partnered with a few very romantic, classy or trendy venues where we can arrange symbolic, blessings, and even civil legal weddings in Italy on the beach. 


Wedding castles in Puglia for an authentic medieval marriage

There is one iconic castle in  Puglia for weddings that is worth outstanding luxury weddings. It is located in a southern position frame from the crowds. Among the many reasons to get married in Puglia, we love to highlight why we are in love with this unique Italian region:

  • Puglia has the most relaxed mood you can find in a Meditteranean destination with the plus of the extraordinary Italian way of enjoying life, food, and wine;
  • Puglia is a destination with easy access from all over Europe and it is a perfect destination wedding location for large events;
  • Puglia has a mix of beautiful beaches and historical sites that no other wedding locations in southern Europe can offer;

Villages and towns in Puglia

Not only a charming Puglia wedding but a proper "time travel" for lifestyle weddings in Italy. We do suggest to visit during your wedding in Puglia some of the most beautiful towns in Italy such as Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, and Ostuni.