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Sun, history, and friendliness: Puglia weddings in Alberobello.

A romantic Italian wedding in Puglia in the heart of the charming Unesco world heritage site of the Trulli.

Imagine the romanticism and the appeal of this marvelous little city without equals! It is located on top of a 1700 feet high hill, from where you will have the possibility of enjoying charming scenery of the surrounding area. In Alberobello, there is much to see and to discover: history, nature, great food, and the fascinating appeal of the charming Trulli! It is a suggested Italian wedding location if you wish to experience a unique wedding venue in Puglia such as the Trulli. There are several beautiful villas, Masseria, and Trulli to rent for your wedding in Alberobello or other Puglia locations.

Get married in a region listed as UNESCO world heritage site!

Discover the fascinating Trulli, the historical buildings of Apulia that are now listed as UNESCO world heritage site… A charming and exciting wedding destination, Apulia and Alberobello have acquired international renown also because of these charming buildings: plan a visit at the Trulli district for your weddings in Puglia or get married in one of these characteristically stone houses… For a marriage in the heart of history!

The fascination of history: how did the Trulli come into being?

This charming and unparalleled architectural style came into being because of a specific historical event: during the 17th century the count of Conversano, feudal lord of the whole region, imposed a new tax on property and houses. People in Alberobello were too poor to pay the high tax so they ideated a new way of building their homes without mortar ("a drywall construction") so that the building could be easily and quickly dismantled when inspectors wherein the area and just as rapidly much rebuilt afterward.

This way of the building proved nevertheless to be very solid and durable… discover these charming buildings: with a wedding in Puglia you will have the chance of traveling back in time and benefitting from a charming, matchless atmosphere! Have a walk along the lovely narrow alleys… go on a shopping spree in the Trulli boutiques, visit the charming Trulli museum and, why not, have your wedding ceremony in a romantic Trullo!

History, fascination, and bright sunshine… what more could you wish for your romantic wedding in Puglia? Send us an email or fill in our quick and easy form if you'd like to learn more! A wedding in Alberobello is genuine, exclusive and quintessentially Italian!

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Catholic Weddings in  Alberobello
A romantic catholic wedding in Alberobello: sun, delicious food and friendly atmosphere There are two beautiful churches in Alberobello. The most picturesque is in the heart of the UNESCO site of the Trulli houses. This is ideal for 60 guests maximum. The grand cathedral instead is located in the centre of the modern town, which is anyway a walk from the Trulli heritage centre and it is able to...
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