Weddings in the Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre

Weddings on the Italian Riviera

Liguria: Italy's real class act

Welcome to one of the prettiest areas of Northern Italy. Set all along the north-western coast that runs across from the French to the Tuscan border, this region is a long, narrow stretch of mountainous land protruding from the water of the Ligurian Sea. 

The highlights of the Italian Riviera are without a doubt its staggering landscape matched only by the unique, wavy coastline dotted with colourful seaside towns. This is the land of the famous Cinque Terre, one of the most requested as a wedding destination and to experience the joys of slow living in exclusive places like Portofino.

Reasons why

5 reasons to have your wedding on the Italian Riviera

Liguria is the kind of place where you can opt for a holiday exploring the pristine nature of its mountains, abounding in trails and outdoor activities. And if you feel that it's time to give your body a rest, you can easily resort to basking in the sun and dipping in turquoise waters.

Don't wait to get back to your adventurous self, here's a perfect opportunity to use your time discovering such a daring land. 

If you are still undecided, here are 5 reasons to help you choose your wedding destination.


Coast to coast

The Italian Riviera has featured thousands of memorable weddings thanks to the huge variety of bridal-perfect sceneries this region can offer. Backdrops of cobblestone corners, large promenades by the waterfront, and incredible panorama shots are impossible to resist for our couples in love. The uniqueness of this region is found mainly in the possibility of enjoying the sea from the shore of one of the well-known pastel-coloured towns, carved out of the green mountains. Or sitting comfortably on a boat and reaching the quiet inlets dressed in Mediterranean vegetation and limestone rock. Crystal clear waters make for the ideal diving and snorkelling park, while the dramatic coastline configuration can also be fully taken in when experiencing a paragliding adventure.


World fame pastel towns

Cinque Terre is a group of five villages set amidst the spectacular western coastal line of the Italian Riviera. These little, pastel towns are connected to one another by an ancient set of trails winding along the dramatic cliffside. The way in which architecture meets nature in this part of Liguria has made space for an incredibly harmonious union, earning Cinque Terre recognition of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The five towns of Vernazza, Monterosso, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Corniglia are all, excluding the latter, outlets to the sea.

Vernazza - probably the prettiest of all, a place where you truly breathe in the Italian experience of beauty and slow living. Just a few minutes' walk outside of town, you can book the medieval fort for your civil ceremony and bet on incredible views of the sea. 

Portovenere - another famed destination on the Riviera, is set on a rocky cliff rising out of the Gulf of Poets. Featuring a scenic harbour lined with colourful houses, every corner of this place is filled with charming eateries and romance. Treasured destination for our brides and grooms looking for a Catholic venue to celebrate their love. 

Portofino - besides its label of luxury destination, the well-known town of La Dolce Vita looks out at sea, and just like its sisters, boosts various locations for legally valid ceremonies, amongst which the museum castle Castello Brown.


Get adventurous

Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre are exactly what you need to make the most of mother nature. Hiking on ancient pathways and trails crossing through Mediterranean bush and taking a rest on rocky cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea makes it one of the trendiest travel experiences in Italy. A bespoke hiking tour can be very entertaining if taken with your guests. Many of our clients were very happy learning about the legends of this region while strolling through vineyards and beautiful nature. Customized tours include gastronomic tastings and sometimes a well-deserved aperitif in Portovenere at the end of the big hike. Feel like a local and experience the unique romantic vibe along the Flower Riviera next to Sanremo.


The Riviera from a different angle

Want to find out all the secrets of this maritime region? Get on a private boat tour and savour the rare opportunity to reach the hidden beaches, secret coves and stunning waterfalls while staring at the views of the rugged shoreline. The Riviera is equally magical when experienced from the sea. On a private boat ride every detail is set so that you will be able to really appreciate this experience, stopping to take a swim or try out some snorkelling. Happy boat parties and custom ship cruises equipped with on-board aperitif time have proved a success for our couples and their guests.


Feed your soul with a Ligurian meal

The Italian Riviera is a hype destination for foodies and wine-tasting fanatics. Ligurian food is likely as delicious as it is healthy, with varied seafood specialities and delicacies to die for. Give in to the temptation of tasting the local Focaccia, a typical bread-type snack from Liguria, somewhere between bread and pizza. Absolutely delicious. 

Culinary tours and cooking classes are in high demand so keep it in mind if you want to share quality moments with your group. Another useful tip is for a wine tasting experience on gravity-defying terraced vineyards, which are home to very commendable whites and reds.


Foodie Guide

There would be tons of culinary highlights worth a mention as part of the Ligurian tradition, so here's our 'best of' to entice you just enough before booking your choice. 

Liguria has been a champion in retaining its very own feel and vibe over the centuries and is the indisputable motherland of Pesto sauce. Yes, pesto was first invented by the hard-working hands of Ligurians, before earning its place in the global culinary hall of fame. What you'll notice here is a cuisine that is blessed by a harmonious intersection of flavours, the explosive scent of basil, copious use of olive oil and an abundant influence coming from 'out-of-town' cultures, inherited by Genoa's past as a Maritime Republic. 

This region amongst others makes some of the best olive oil in the world – local Taggiasca olives are DOP certified to ensure organic quality. But this is also a land that will have you give in to your meat cravings. The presence of steep, inland mountains paved the way for warm, filling stews, once used to keep mountain people happy and that is now still very much on the menus. Rabbit is a popular special here, as it fits perfectly with the geography of the region, but veal can also be found in most restaurants a la carte. As you'd expect, seafood is a serious matter. The markets are always fully stocked with any possible variety, but the Ligurians sure love their sea bass, mussels and seppie, little cuttlefish that they consume as finger food or main meal. Despite Northern Italy had a somewhat cold climate, Liguria's unique landscape creates the perfect environment for typically southern vegetables to grow rapidly well. Vegetarian menu options here are a feast for the eyes, with tomatoes, olives, garlic, artichokes and lots more playing special guest on a plate. 

Serve your guests a high-class wedding reception, they will love you for it.

Don't miss

Pesto alla genovese, olive taggiasche, farinata, focaccia alla genovese, panissa, focaccia di Recco, pansotti, condiglione, castagnaccio, pandolce, torta pasqualina, Gobeletti di Rapallo, Baci di Alasso


Liguria in a glass

Regardless of its rocky and steep configuration, Liguria has been a renowned wine-growing area since the beginning of times. The scenic terraced vineyards overlooking the sea are a sweet sight to enjoy and explain the rationale behind the manual harvest, given that they are only accessible by boat or by foot. Being so close to the sea, these vineyards are constantly exposed to the sea breeze, which complements the flavour of grapes and gives local wines a very distinguished taste. 

The Italian Riviera produces over 100 grape varieties and is home to exquisite wines. Vermentino white wine is a crowd's favourite, and other very notable red and rosé varieties are commonly served and widely appreciated globally. Our couples will have access to a wide range of choices for a very elegant wedding wine list accompanying aperitif through to dessert. A special mention goes to the local white wine Sciacchetrà, a sweet fortified dessert wine that is known to leave guests in complete awe.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Vermentino, Pigato, Bianchetta Genovese, Bosco, Albarola, Lumassina, Moscato, Rollo, Rossese, Ormeasco, Granaccia, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese, Barbera, Vermentino a bacca rossa.


Liguria is art

Throughout history the Italian Riviera has pulled poets and artists like a magnet. What they found when they landed here was rich culture and refinement set in a scenery of great natural beauty. In this skinny land framed by steep mountains and the warmth of the Ligurian Gulf lie incredible art treasures.

 Hometown of the much celebrated Italian architect Renzo Piano and the talented musician Niccolò Paganini, the capital of Genoa will keep out-of-towners very busy with things to see. Here they can admire the neo-classical works by Canova, the dramatic paintings by Rubens, a staple of the Baroque. Or they can tour around town and photograph the notorious Palazzi dei Rolli. 

The city hides a more nostalgic vibe behind all this architectural grandeur, that visitors can feel when walking its narrow alleys. Monet himself was profoundly fascinated by Liguria. After visiting these lands with Renoir he chose to come back right after his return to France to travel extensively on the Riviera and get acquainted with its most evocative corners. In Dolceacqua, he was taken by the little town's old bridge and couldn't pass up the chance to capture its beauty with his brushes. Counting many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and equally famous museums, the Italian Riviera is certainly the favoured destination for art enthusiasts and weddings full of Mediterranean romance.

Artists from Liguria

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Niccolo Paganini

Renzo Piano


VIP weddings

Celebs who got hitched on the Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera has seen the sparkles of quite some charming weddings and a long list of VIP events. It was right here that Rod Stewart threw a luxurious wedding celebration in the cloistered, medieval abbey at La Cervara, after secretly tying the knot in a private civil ceremony at Villa Durazzo just outside of Portofino. Featuring guest stars like Elton John and Kenny Dalghish, the lavish event was a triumph of splendor. Villa Durazzo was also the wedding stage of another British celeb, footballer Wayne Rooney's marrying his childhood sweetheart. The celebrations followed a religious rite in the Gothic Abbey in Cervara, an incredibly romantic lookout over Portofino, with stunning sea views. 

Wedding curiositie

Throwing the garter. Throwing the garter began in France when the bride would throw the garter to the guests at the wedding and whoever caught it could expect good luck. Today the groom traditionally removes the garter from the bride and throws it to the unmarried man. The man who catches it is thought to be the next to marry. The garter is placed on the bride's right leg, just above the knee.

Fashion and Style

Liguria's got talent

Italy isn't shy when it comes to fashion. This is the country where fashion reigns supreme and people dress style over comfort, no matter the age and the circumstance. Some places, more than others register a display of style and trends, and Portofino is without a doubt the capital of red carpet and catwalk events in the region, likely of the North-West. It might be because of the yachts circuling the area, or the VIP tourism flocking to its port, but Portofino proudly carries a badge of best dressed location in the Bel Paese. If you or your spouse are dying to be surrounded by this much chic, and are saving for an incomparable luxury shopping experience, make time to spend right here, in the landmark of fashion shows and fancy boutiques


  • George Prokopiu, ship owner and entrepreneur 
  • Natalia Ayesha Grovesnor, Duchess of Westminster
  • Lord George Herbert earl of Carnarvon, egyptologist and sponsor of Tutankhamun excavations

What we do

How we make it work

Boasting elegant venues and Liberty style castles, the Riviera is a first choice for exclusive events. But don't be fooled, as this unique territory calls for a very specific planning of your transportation. Relying on expert local advice is absolutely crucial to make sure every detail is looked at. 

Did you know that the key to a perfectly planned wedding is to have an onsite coordinator? We have many luxury weddings and events under our belt and we only work with the best, most trustworthy locations and top-quality vendors of the area to ensure your day is a real success. We know all secret corners of this wonderful land and we have a thorough knowledge of local regulations and logistic needs. 

We will be 100% by your side throughout the whole planning, no less on the final day. We make it our mission to give you and your guests a memorable time, with the right vibe for you and plenty of fun activities to cover your stay. Read more on our Testimonials!