Weddings in Portovenere

The most picturesque town in Italian Riviera.

The pearl of the Italian Riviera was named by the Romans "Portus Veneris" (Portovenere in Italian) for the beauty of its views. There was a temple in the past dedicated to Venus. The Romans were inspired by the sea and its magnificent blue color. There is no other Italian seaside location with the same broad and enchanting views.!

Breathtakingly beautiful, the city of Portovenere is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site since 1997 because of its natural and cultural value. Located midway between La Spezia and Genoa, the charming city can easily be reached by car and benefits from good air connections.

If you wish to celebrate your wedding in Portovenere you will find many fascinating locations for a marvelous symbolic ceremony or an amazing wedding reception. Among others, we heartily recommend those located on the splendid island of Palmaria, where you will be able to celebrate in total privacy while enjoying a marvelous landscape of the city and the infinite sea.

Iconic places for your wedding!

The castle of Portovenere is the civil wedding venue, and it can also be rent for cocktail, receptions, and parties.
Another iconic spot is the church of San Pietro for wonderful catholic weddigs in Portovenere with the scenic background of the blue sea. Catholic weddings are welcome in the charming and world-famous church. It is a walk from the picturesque center of the town, and it is an exceptional sightseeing location.