Weddings in Lerici

Lerici, the Italian Riviera secret cove.

One of the most enchanting inlets of the whole coast of the Italian Riviera opens on its left to the small fisher village of Lerici and its fantastic fortress.

The village, surrounded by green hilly olive groves, offers its visitors two different features: the old part that is dominated by the majestic castle embracing the particular port, and the modern section where the many hotels, restaurants, bars and typical shops may be found among the luxuriant garden and comfortable villas. Even nowadays, tourists can admire the original configuration of medieval Lerici that offers its original houses lines along the tortuous streets called caruggi.

Outdoor civil weddings and symbolic ceremonies on top of the castle of Lerici.

The views from the castle are the perfect background scenario for a charming wedding on the Italian Riviera. It is possible even to organize the reception following your civil ceremony on the top terrace of the medieval fortress.

Between history and the sea

A unique itinerary may be admired while strolling through the old suburb that runs through these narrow and traditional alleys. Many are the places that deserve exceptional interests: the Jew's ghetto, a consistent commercial settlement that originates from Leghorn, the castle defensive walls, the 'Arpara' slope, whose name derives from late medieval word meaning "place where the sea hawks make their nests", Poggio and San Giorgio Square just in front of the entrance of the castle.

Lerici offers a lively and colorful stroll along the beach-walk called "Vassallo" that surrounds the village up to the slopes of the Fortress. Behind this walk and its green and beautiful playground for children, one may find the town's window shop made of stores, artisans' workshops, restaurants and typical inns.