Your ride to the altar

Think Italian

Ride or die couples

For those of you who are keen on keeping the bar of your Stile Italiano very high, this section will be like what Christmas morning feels to a kid - and it might even get the grooms more into the planning. When you envision your wedding day - you must have done this a thousand times - how does the bride reach the venue for the ceremony? How do the happy couple leave the ceremony to get to the reception? 

Add some bling to your day by renting one of the iconic cars, a vintage Alfa or a Fiat 500. Or better, have your wedding shoot taken while riding a Vespa down the sloping country roads of Italy. It simply won't get more Italian than this.

If this sounds like you: we can, and will arrange your transfers to the wedding ceremony and/or reception location with modern, vintage, unique, special vehicles so that you can make an entry worthy of applause! After all, Italy is known abroad for five main things: its gastronomy, coffee, football, fashion, and... luxury cars. 

We have seen it all - and would love to add yours to our list.

Wedding logistics

Coordination at a wedding is a fiddly MUST

Everyone reaching a foreign country, perhaps for the first time, noticed differences in the transport system, sometimes encountering problems related to delayed, unsuitable or missing transportation. If these vehicles are there to tend to a super important matter - let's say, for example, a wedding - then knowing the system in advance, and relying on someone who can arrange, and take care of the technical part of moving people from A to B, is of vital importance. Enter: US!

Travel time calculator

Get proper transport advice

Some areas in our beautiful country have proved mildly challenging to our couples, when it comes to moving around. No railway lines, scarse bus services and a few scam experiences in car rental places have pushed us to bring this topic at the forefront of our planning strategy.

Transportation needs to be curated well in preparation for a wedding event, and we are your best people to do it. We know how to respond to the geographical difficulties of gorgeous, isolated venues and you will not waste your time. We work with private businesses who assure you a reliable, punctual service and will drive you and your guests wherever you need - with a chaffeur, or on board of a comfortable shuttle.

A few tips:

  • if you don't like traveling distances, choose a wedding location near a big airport
  • if yours is a medium size, or large event consider renting the same venue for the ceremony and reception, to avoid extra transfers