Wedding venues in Tuscany: villas and castles


The charm of a Tuscan venue for a wedding in Stile Italiano

City glam and rustic-chic farmhouses, medieval settings, and villas, a wedding in Tuscany can truly satisfy the most demanding couple. It is not a mystery that Tuscany villas are among the most loved destination weddings in Italy. In addition, Tuscany is the Italian region with more authentic castles for weddings. Thus, finding the perfect venue in Tuscany to get married is just a matter of personal preference.

From the luxury villas in Florence such as Villa San Michele, Villa Le Fontanelle, and Villa Di Maiano, to the elegant countryside villas such as Il Borro, Villa Mangiacane, and Artimino, from the luxury castles near Siena to the more medieval castles near Florence: there is a wedding venue in Tuscany for any wedding mood and desire.

Stretching all the way west from Chianti to the Bolgheri area, and across south from Grosseto to the natural views of the Arezzo province, these villas and castles for weddings in Tuscany will steal your heart without exception.

Once the wedding ceremony and traditional Tuscan wedding receptions are safely taken care of by our team of wedding planners, your big day will be your opportunity to dive into the charm of these exclusive venues.


Wedding Villas in Tuscany

In an exclusive wedding Villa in Tuscany, every corner is eye-catching and becomes a wonderful setting for your big day. An elegant and prestigious location, the magical essence that will characterise your special day.

Discover the magical atmosphere of Tuscany with us, visiting the most exclusive settings, magnificent homes and historic villas.

The panorama of these enchanting wedding venues will offer you the perfect stage in which to act on your big day, full of passion, enchantment and emotions.


Wedding Castles in Tuscany

If you have always dreamt of a romantic wedding worthy of a real princess, you will find the perfect setting and atmosphere in a marvellous castle in Tuscany!

Historical buildings that were carefully restored to preserve original features while offering top-notch services and all modern comforts, you will just be amazed by the stunning atmosphere of these wonderful Tuscan venues!

If you celebrate your big day in a romantic castle in Tuscany you will enjoy marvellous landscapes and breathtaking views, surrounded by splendid countryside and benefit from the deepest serenity, you will nonetheless be in close proximity to the most renowned cities of art in Italy.

Towns and villages

Towns in Tuscany

Every corner is steeped in charm and history. It is a real open-air museum! Weddings in Tuscany get the best of Italian art and history.

Tuscany is not only about Florence with its line-up of art buildings. It's Siena, San Gimignano and Arezzo, it's the picturesque villages taking you back in time where a Tuscan marriage will throw you back in an ancient past.

Try picturing yourselves saying 'I do' in front of these works of art, how does it feel? Is a Tuscan wedding a dream come true?