Weddings in Lucca

Lucca: the city of the hundred churches.

The city of Lucca is one of the most beautiful “walled” towns in Italy and Tuscany. The main square and all the streets converging are real architectural treasures of the medieval and renaissance historical periods. 

Lucca has very ancient origins and still, today retains the feeling of the ancient past. If you love Classical music: Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini, writer of Italy’s most romantic opera such as La Boheme and Madame Butterfly. It is possible to visit his house.

Plan a wedding and a sea holiday.

Lucca is just half an hour from the Italian Riviera and Tuscan coast, so often couples choose to spend a long holiday in Lucca: the perfect mix of art, cities, and sea.

Catholic weddings in Lucca follow very rigid restrictions.

Unfortunately, the Curia of Lucca is not very keen to allow foreigners to get married in the hundred and more churches of the town. For this reason, we have selected those churches in the near province of Pisa (15 minutes driving) to offer the option of a wedding reception and party in any of the beautiful farmhouses and villas with a Catholic wedding at a near distance.

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