Weddings in Volterra

Volterra: Tuscany as you can dream.

Volterra, secluded in one of the most scenic areas of Tuscany, set on a high hill at just an hour from the sea and the beautiful Maremma. 

Couples can choose from a catholic or civil wedding

No matter what kind of wedding you would like to celebrate, Volterra can offer you the best!

If you’d like to celebrate a romantic civil wedding, you will have the possibility of enjoying the gorgeous Sala del Gran Consiglio of the Palazzo dei Priori in the main historical center, where you will also find many romantic churches that are available for romantic, extraordinary Catholic weddings.

The surroundings are stunning and you can find villas and farmhouses for outdoor symbolic or religious ceremonies, as well to plan romantic wedding receptions enjoying the infinite views of the Tuscan rolling hills.

Why is Volterra such a famous historical destination?

The magic and mysterious city of Volterra has its roots in three thousand years of history. It is possible to find evidence and traces from every historical period which gives the artistic town a unique aspect.
The ancient city walls, the imposing Porta all’Arco, the Necropolis of Marmini and the numerous archeological finds conserved in the Museo Etrusco like the Ombra Della Sera with its unique profile, the funeral urns and the finely crafted jewelry, bear testimony of the Etruscan period.
Today the city conserves above all a Medieval aspect not only for the 12th-century city walls but also because of the urban layout with narrow streets, palaces, tower houses, and churches. The Renaissance had an essential influence on Volterra but without changing the city’s Medieval character.

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