Luxury Fort on the Tuscan Hills  


Classic charm in this highly evocative location framing the sweetest time of your life

A beautiful road lined with cypresses and junipers will lead you to this impressive medieval castle, one of the most stunning wedding venues of the country. The soft hills extending for kilometres across the verdant valley are the perfect backdrop to this historical and fascinating Italian venue.

Couples looking for an authentic lifestyle experience find here their ideal setting.

The imposing round tower and the rich heritage are what make this stunning castle an unrivalled location. Once the setting of weddings celebrated for the noble houses of the area, this is today an exclusive location that has preserved its charm over the centuries. 

The cellars of the castle are also a must-see to offer your guests an experience in real Stile Italiano.


Event options for your day

Arriving at the castle, you will reach a wonderful green area, a garden opening onto romantic views of the Sienese countryside. This is where you can kick off the celebrations with a special welcome cocktail. The panoramic terrace is an ideal option for a special dinner under the stars, in the shades of history. 

No less beautiful, the impressive frescoed halls offering an excellent setting for indoor celebrations. Dancing and party can be arranged in the Scuderia, the castle renovated stable for a touch of rustic chic charm to your day.

Symbolic wedding ceremonies and protestant blessings with legal value can take place in the garden or the unconsecrated chapel onsite. Catholic rituals can be planned in the Church situated about 5 minutes from the castle.


  • 19 rooms and suites
  • up to 70 guests
  • 80 mins away from the airport
  • a beautiful park
  • the famous cellars
  • a wine shop
  • two swimming pools

A stretch of verdant hills 

The perfect design of nature and the benefits of human crafts. The wavy line contouring the green shades of the land gives form to a pastoral landscape evoking a certain kind of sweet allure. Something about this landscape makes people feel instantly safe and comfortable, it's inviting to the point that visitors describe it as having a 'vague sense of familiarity'.

It doesn't matter how many times you come to this verdant region, Tuscany will always take you in with open arms. The patches of woodland and trees bring shade and attract animal and bird life, for an even more bucolic scenery.

Needless to say, rest and calm are the two passwords around here, where the pace of life is more organic and in line with the seasonal rhythm. 

Good to know:

  • 27 km > Siena
  • 14.5 km > Radda in Chianti
  • 57 km > San Gimignano
  • 62 km > Florence
  • 66 km > Montalcino
  • 78 km > Volterra
  • 110 km > Arezzo
  • 124 km > Castiglione della Pescaia
  • 260 km > Rome
  • 350 km > Milan
Recreational activities

A trip through history

What do you really know about Tuscan history? Besides the prestige of Da Vinci and the prints of Michelangelo and Botticelli's work, very little is exported of the rich history of this land beyond borders.

Tuscany is home to approximately 186 between castles and forts - not bad, uhm? with a national average of 25000 total fortresses. Each property coming with its own past, stories and secrets, so you can understand that when you choose a venue like this for your big day, you are signing up to a holiday full of wonderful tales and discoveries.

Before venturing out and tour the other bourgs and wineries, make sure you take your time around the estate and take advantage of the services and activities offered on site, for there are plenty.

Keep busy with:

  • Relaxing in the garden
  • Exploring the castle
  • Jogging 
  • Day trip to Siena, or Florence
  • Wine tasting
  • Picnic in the park