Testimonials and references

Words of gratitude and reference

We are so thankful for the touching letters of reference that our couples always send us after their experience in Italy. It is most rewarding and incomparable to any other reward. Months or more year of planning at your side makes us feel part of your special day. The friends we made during all these years are one of the happiest reasons we love planning weddings in Italy.

You can read some of the most beautiful “thank you” letters we have received from almost our beginning to nowadays: surf the past years and you might find a friend of yours.

Privacy statement – All testimonials – name, photo and words - are authorized, unless differently specified. If you cannot find your own testimonial, please let us know and we will add it immediately (we apologize, but the website renews continuously and we lose some information sometimes).  When signing a contract with WeddingItaly®, we agree not to divulge your personal and sensible data. Authorized only email addresses and phone numbers of some of the previous weddings can be requested for direct contact with your wedding planner by email.