Flower design and decorations

Arrangements and wedding décor

Charge your event with the right emotion 

Flowers are forever present at the big events of our lives: births, birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, professional achievements, new houses, funerals... By adding flowers to each milestone of our existence, we give people a reason to be happy, relaxed. They bring energy to a party, smiles to people's days. Flowers are the easiest way in which we connect with nature, on a daily. 

What we find curious about these drops of colour and style, is that each type of flower carries a meaning of their own, and even countries have their own floral symbol, something defining the spirit of its people. With an incurable love for superstition and all things etherial, Italians look at flowers with awe and reverence. So much so that we have three national floral emblems: the strawberry tree, whose white flowers, red fruits and green leaves recall the colors of the Italian national flag; the alpine cyclamen, symbol of devotion and patience; and the white lily, standing for purity and religious worship.

We have noticed that even people who are not usually accustomed to flowers can feel attracted to their symbolism and eternal beauty when they start to peel off their significance and get to their core. 

Just do a little test for yourself, and think about the flowers that you are usually drawn to. Which ones are they? What is the inner message they carry?

Flowers make us happy. Weddings make us happy. Therefore, flowers should be bountiful at weddings. Now, which flowers, what colours, which style of bouquets or table centrepieces, what decorations should be on the wedding arch, that's what we are going to find out, together. We have a path ahead of us to get this done by the right people, and with the designs that you have pre-liked.

Let's get to work.

Style direction

Stick to tradition or go off road?

Are you more of a Martha Steward or a Carrie Bradshaw? One thing that we need to detect early on in the planning is where exactly you sit on the classic vs unorthodox style line. The rest can be easily figured out along the way, even days before the big event.

Nowadays, this part of the planning is certainly viewed like a very open platform where trends of all sorts come to meet only to become intertwined, matched, used to complement each other. There really is no limit to how personalised your event can be. We support individuality and we will back your choices by negotiating the options with our top-rated vendors, professionals in the flower industry covering all aspects from floral design to wedding styling.

Expect the unexpected and open your arms to limitless combinations. The best way to understand what is made for you is to visit flower shops, websites, digital pin boards, and why not, maybe even set foot in nature and explore by yourself - and with your partner - what kind of natural frills would make your wedding event be about YOU.

Action plan

Floral checklist

Hold on to your seats. This is only a general reference for couples, the final choice is yours and like we said, we appreciate all kinds of wedding styles. Here's a sum of the usual flower arrangements ordered for the day.

1. For the wedding party: people tend to follow tradition on this one, and have arrangements made for the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, groom, groomsmen; and leave the ones for the ringbearer and the parents as optional.

2. For the ceremony: depending on what type of service, usually we see flowers in the entryway, the altar or canopy/wedding arch and the aisle decorations.

3. For the reception: here things can get a lot more intricate, but for planning purposes we usually only mention arrangements destined for the welcome cocktail tables, the escort card table (optional), the centrepieces, the wedding cake (optional), the wedding cake table, the tossing bouquet.

Note: in the past we have worked with a large variety of budgets and requests so you should know that any wish is welcome at WeddingItalyLet your creative genius bring you some ideas, send them to us and we'll cross check in our list of floral masters who could be the right match. Remember, any wish can come to life. You just need the right team of planners on your side.



Flower walls

Trends evolve constantly, and the wedding industry is no exception. What we have seen proudly taking the stage in recent wedding years are amongst other things, flower walls as part of the ceremony or reception decoration style. True bliss for the benefit of the eyes, and the noses, flower walls are frames made with hundreds if not thousands of fragrant blooms, bringing a certain degree of ethereal softness to the wedding choreography. You can see them as an injection of colour - even more striking if it's in line with your palette - and photo-ready backdrops for your album. Please don't limit your vision, and know that they can - and have been - used in other spots of your venue, for example as a reception décor, or even as the backdrop for a photo booth and the sweetheart table. 

We only enrol creative minds who make wonders with their hands and can trasform the weddings of our happy couples in movie sets of joy, with the help of nature's generosity.

If you're curious to know more about flower walls, let's have a chat together.


Before you go

Style tips and tricks

Flowers have a potent role on your wedding day. They are capable to determine the exact degree of graciousness of your event. They set the tone of your day, so despite being thought of in a simplistic manner, by some, they actually carry a very important function, and for this reason they should be well researched.

A more practical way to get started on your wedding décor may be by sorting out your bouquet first. Let this be the hero of your wedding style, let it guide you in making all the other flower choices with confidence and calibration. Research is a helpful tool in your planning, but inspiration and intuition are also two very important factors that will take you through this long phase, and will mock up the event until it's ready to be shared with others. After all, it's not about matching and following the etiquette, it's about your story. 


Don't forget

Light up your event 

Lights, candles and fireworks. Lanterns, chandeliers and market lights, candles, lanters and bistro lights. The list of props is long, constantly updated and totally customizable. Dress up your venue, as you'll do with yourself and your spouse. 

With care.