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Feel the love, fall in love with a wedding in Puglia

A perfect southern blend of robust red wines, warm hospitality and unparalleled rocky shores. Puglia has become one of the trendiest wedding destinations in Italy.

Fabulous white sandy beaches with top-class beach clubs set in proximity to an idyllic countryside setting, covered in Primitivo vines and rows of olive trees. Minutes away from pretty little towns and impressive archaeological sites. All this is complemented by an excellent culinary offer to delight your guests.

In Apulia, we have seen romance come to life in the most authentic Italian style there is on the Italian Peninsula. Celebrate love in one of the magical wedding villas in Puglia located around the region.

Reasons why

5 reasons to have your wedding in Puglia

Sitting right in the heel of the Italian boot and facing the western coastline of Greece, Puglia is one of those "love at first sight places". This destination is a joyful mix of sea experiences, cultural immersion, and southern Italian lifestyle.

If you are still undecided, here are five good reasons to choose Puglia for your Italian wedding.


Alberobello, Trulli and slow food

If you wish to witness something truly unique, take a detour to spot Puglia's most iconic architectural treasure, Trulli. 

These ancient peasant houses strongly resembling prehistoric huts are made of drystone and iconic conical rooftops. You can admire fields filled with them mostly in and around central Puglia and in the town of Alberobello. Weddings can take place in the romantic Trulli.

The latter is one of our very special wedding venues because of its cherished status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view of whitewashed houses and cobblestone alleys gives it a true dream-wedding allure, just what you want if you are thinking of eloping or planning your endearing ceremony.


Saying 'I do' with your feet in the sand

Enjoying a fun, relaxing day on the beach is a must-do in Puglia.

Featuring a sandy coastline interspersed with rocky coves and clifftop towns, the seaside scenery of Puglia is very diverse.

Some beaches are situated next to both urban life and rugged nature, as is the case of the pretty towns of Monopoli and Polignano a Mare. The ideal scenario is to let your guests enjoy some time off after a day spent sightseeing around the area or arrange a dance-filled beach party.

You can also imagine the beach clubs and seaside areas as the classy backdrop for your beach wedding in Puglia. Give your guests the opportunity of a lifetime to live on the seaside as the locals do, feeling the sea breeze, sipping on fresh wine, and filling their bellies with incredible food.


Whitewashed towns are a charm

When asked which are the main beauty factors of Puglia, we have to bring up the magnetic effect of its whitewashed buildings. Entire towns were built following this typically Southern Mediterranean architectural style creating wonderful locations like the town of Monopoli, a wedding favourite for couples looking for a straight-forward character town.

The whitewashed appeal is also the main distinctive trait of the southern town of Ostuni for weddings in Puglia's most charming church. Certainly, on Puglia's list of most scenic sites, the old town looks down the surrounding countryside from the top of a rocky hill. We have helped many couples get married in the sun-kissed Cathedral located right in the historical center before taking them for their wedding luncheon and party in one of the famed- country estates of the region.


Family vibe in the local Masserias

Apulia is also famous for its typical farm estates called Masserias. These are quite original examples of Italian farmsteads, they are like entire little villages often including trulli-style houses, caves, and large fields bordered by small brick walls. They feature wide windows and large walls, which makes them perfect backdrop scenarios for customized decorations. A layer of natural colors made of olive green, orange, and lemon paint the outside garden areas. 

Most Masseria estates have been carefully refurbished and converted to luxury villas for weddings in Puglia, particularly perfect for large multi-day wedding receptions with all guests staying on-site. Some are still working farms producing wine and olive oil, while others are now luxury resorts equipped with all comforts, from first-class spas to swimming pools surrounded by ancient architecture and greenery.


Close to Apulian roots

The people of Puglia have always been extremely proud of their roots. Traditions from the past are living to this day, making this land extra sentimental and special to tourists. Dozens of activities around here will show you how things used to be decades ago, like local producers making mozzarella and traditional dance groups performing folklore chores.

Our couples and their guests could also learn some cooking tricks from local pasta masters during their stay at one of the Masserias, followed by a well-deserved tasting time.

And for water lovers, of course, boat tours and all kinds of water sports are always a great day of fun to share.


Foodie Guide

Here, like in the rest of Italy, food is of the essence and a strong symbol of conviviality.

How could we best describe the traditional cuisine of Puglia? We'd probably say it's simple and imaginative at the same time. Ancient flavours and genuine aromas are skillfully married together for generations, in a land that is known for its love and dedication to the gods of all diets, the almighty Mediterranean diet. Puglia is a haven of locally produced core ingredients that fill our kitchens all over the world, like olives, olive oil and dairy products.

Let's start with the famed mozzarella: perfection on a plate. Fit like a local and eat it on its own to savour properly the texture and flavour. Mozzarella is a great way to indulge your guests at every moment, as a classy appetizer during the welcome cocktail or for main at your wedding reception.

Another simple yet unmissable element on the dinner table here is bread. Puglia is leading in the national production of various whole-wheat bread varieties and pasta types, so make sure to not miss this superb carb experience. 

There are countless other food ideas worth mentioning, but we'll leave you a list below to get your buds ready for a tasteful journey in the deep south and let you imagine what your wedding reception can be like.

Don't miss

Orecchiette pasta with spring broccoli, ziti al forno, panzerotti, lampascioni, purè di fave, calamari con patate, friselle, acquasale, puddica, taralli. 


Puglia in a glass

Puglia is no newbie to the wine-growing culture. This pivotal activity of the local economy is indeed one of the most ancient of the Italian Peninsula, dating back to 2000 BC right before the arrival of the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Romans.

Nowadays Puglia has one of the biggest wine productions in Italy, boasting unique famed varieties, mainly red grape-based. The two names on every international wine bar's list are the earthy and dominant Negroamaro and the famously dramatic Primitivo variety. Negroamaro is a full-bodied, extra-smooth wine, featuring a rich ruby-red colour that is so dark it almost seems black. Scents of blackberry, red fruit, and mulberry give the wine a strong, lingering taste with a minor bitter aftertaste, hence the name amaro. Here is a very versatile wine that matches perfectly with different kinds of dishes, meat-based and main courses. Primitivo is produced from an early ripening grape that is harvested in late August and early September. This variety has a characteristic ruby red colour with purple reflections and a pleasant round, smooth taste. It also comes with a sweet wine variety, perfectly suited for the cutting of the wedding cake and the dessert moment.

Hospitality is in the DNA of the locals, so prepare yourselves and your guests to be treated at the table with special warmth, the bottles joyfully refilled.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Primitivo di Manduria, Castel del Monte, Aleatico di Puglia, Alezio, Galatina, Locorotondo, Salice Salentino, Rosso Barletta

VIP Weddings

Celebs who got hitched in Puglia

The gorgeous Masserias in Apulia are the perfect venues to host exclusive, VIP weddings in total privacy and with a full-on luxury vibe.

This was the case of Laure Peugeot's and Bayern's goalkeeper Manuel Neuer's wedding in Monopoli, a multi-day event by the sea. However, at the very top of the list of celebrity weddings that took place in Puglia, we have Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's dreamy day. The couple booked an entire historical resort, and the event began with a ceremony at twilight in the small, central square of the village. A surprise serenade by the groom set the tone of the ceremony, as the bride walked down the aisle in her stunning pink dress. Among the 100 guests that took part in the wedding were Lady Gaga, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Timbaland, and Beverly Mitchell.

Puglia is without a doubt on the celeb radar and those who wouldn't miss the opportunity to celebrate love in this rural paradise.

Italian wedding traditions

Getting to the new house
Have you ever wondered why the bride is carried over the threshold of her new house? Tradition tells that the new bride must enter the home by the main door, and to avoid bad luck must never fall. 

Bridal Gown Superstition
Other superstitions are that the bride should never make her own dress and that the final stitch should not be completed until she is departing for the Church. The bride should never try on the entire outfit before the wedding day. Usually, brides would put their gowns in sections: looking at herself fully dressed was considered unlucky. Even on the wedding day, it was advised to leave off a part of the bridal outfit, such as a glove, when the bride checked her appearance in the mirror.
Fashion and Style

Puglia's got talent

Puglia is quite the hot spot for people who work in the fashion industry. Places like this one are so raw and rural that they represent a great inspiration for authentic savoir-faire for people working with aesthetics and textiles. One big name comes to mind when we think of talents out of this region, and that's the Vogue Japan editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo, born and raised in Bari. The eccentric fashion journalist is known to welcome associates working in the world of great fashion in her home, so don't be surprised to bump into a crazy photoshoot on your way to an excursion in the countryside.

But the fame of Puglia doesn't stop here. The prideful region was indeed at the center of a spectacular post-pandemic momentum of rural pride during the Dior fashion show which took place in front of the Cathedral of Lecce, themed as a wonderful large village fête. Lighting, dance, and music were the backdrop to a parade featuring shining attires inspired by the traditional dresses of Puglia. Charlize Theron and the supermodel Bella Hadid were also front rows at the show.

Celebrities who own a house in Puglia

  • Meryl Streep, movie star
  • Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford, movie star and film director
  • Gerard Depardieu, movie star

What we do

How we make it work

Puglia is a much desired destination for exclusive weddings with lots of comforts and large parties and the stunning Masserias are the absolute best venues this region can offer to host high-class celebrations with a long list of guests.

Careful planning of logistics is very crucial to ensure the success of your event, and counting on expert local advice is what we are good at. We make sure everything is taken care of, down to the tiniest detail.

We have planned many beautiful weddings in Puglia, and we work with the some of the greatest locations and most reliable vendors in the area to guarantee your day will be a wonderful memory.

We can help you decide on the most guest-appropriate attractions and we're always happy to share all the local secret corners. We will be there with you throughout the entire process, from short-listing the venues to orchestrating the final event. Our biggest wish is to know that you and your guests will live an unforgettable moment.