Allison and Michael

'Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes' (Charles Dickens, writer)

Both Allison and Michael grew up by the coast near Bristol so their connection to the sea was quite strong, and it was also one of the first things they mentioned about their wedding wishes on our introductory call. The choice fell quite instantly on the southern land of Puglia, which is also one of our real favorite places we love to work with. 

We understood that this area could answer to all their other wishful requests, from the al fresco space for the symbolic ceremony, to the remote location in the quiet of the natural realm and the chance for their mature parents to spend a restful holiday after the big stress of the journey and the wedding.  

Turning dreams into reality

The property of Masseria Santa Teresa in the countryside struck a chord with them, and from there the planning went on with a very harmonious flow. 

The wedding party certainly had a unique energy and this set the tone for a fun filled, jolly event with lots of dancing and laughter. Allison was especially worried about the unusual heat wave hitting the area on that weekend, and we resorted to moving last minute the ceremony time, to the late afternoon. This resulted in a wonderful reception dinner by candle light under the white gazebo, where the splashes of warm, red and orange flowers made quite an impact against the golden chair arrangement, thanks to the shadow lighting effect of the candles. We agree that success is in the details.

The fix of the day

Never trust a planner who says that their events are perfect. Truth is, events always come with last-minute changes, little accidents or misunderstandings and we are trained to deal with this part of our job in a responsible, calm way. That's why when we heard that Michael's best man's flight was canceled the day before the big day, we said 'niente paura', don't panic. He was flying from Madrid and the airline could not guarantee a booking on the next available flight, while time was ticking on our hand. 

We knew that both Allison and Michael were too tired and tense to deal with this, so we didn't hesitate to step in and help. Our in-house travel agency was all over the case, and after a few phone calls we got him on a transfer through to another airport. Out he flew to our destination, with hours to spare before the wedding march started.

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