Federica Crasnich


A bit about Fede

Born in a verdant town bordering Slovenia, Federica was such a precious addition to the team of wedding planners and she is certainly the most eager of the group. It was a sunny day in 2013 when her infectious smile turned up at our office and since then she's been our invaluable resource of energy. 

With a background in foreign languages and event management studies, and a 5 month work-study experience in London listed on her resume, growing in her role as a WP was effortless, and she can already count hundreds of successful events in her archives. Fede specialises in weddings of international couples and she has been a solid onsite coordinator for WeddingItaly countless times, servicing many of our favoured locations with her linguistic savviness in English, German and Spanish. 


How I go the extra mile in my work as a WP

I have always been a big fan of weddings since I was a little girl. I remember looking at the brides with their beautiful white gowns and thinking that they were real princesses. Maybe it's because I was also a flower girl or bride helper to many of my family and parents' friends' weddings. Until what looked like just a passion became my actual job. I am convinced that in this industry we have to learn how to combine a variety of talents and abilities, learning about creativity and a practical sense, economics and languages, elements of psychology and visual design. 

In my work with WeddingItaly I can put my knowledge to good use and see the couples realizing their dreams, this is a big accomplishment for me. In particular, I love paying attention to all details. I think that details can really make a difference, so I see them as a crucial part to work on and oversee.

Fede's Top Qualities

  • Empathic
  • Efficient
  • Detail oriented
  • Great with estimates
  • Highly sensible

My passions

My biggest passion in life is music. I love listening to music, singing and playing the piano and guitar. Sometimes I even write songs. And I love traveling; short trips or month-long holidays spent in another continent are what keep me inspired. New York in particular holds a special place in my heart. 

I enjoy having breakfast in a typical Italian bar with coffee and cornetto, spending time with my girl friends, driving my car, taking long walks on the beach, going skiing and yes, ... I also love shopping! I am a pretty good cook of cakes and sweet things. 

It may be a little obvious to say, but I always get excited when I'm organizing parties and dinners in my house, and take my time decorating the room with flowers and candles, which sounds a little bit like what they do at weddings, right? I just can't help it! I'm incurably romantic, but with a pretty confident rock soul.

The Holiday
By Nancy Meyers, with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet
The Rising
Bruce Springsteen
Music genre
Rock, Country
The Scent of Lemon Leaves
Clara Sánchez
Pizza + Gin tonic

New York

Abroad experiences

London and my love for the States

I lived in London for 5 months after completing my studies back home, and I was lucky to work with clients of all nationalities. It was a great experience that made me grow on so many levels, and mostly helped me to get more confident. 

Since I've been back, I started working for this crazy family that is WeddingItaly. Now, every two years I go on long trips in the States, for which I have always had a soft spot, and I try to really tune into their lifestyle and fully experience the cities that I'm visiting.

What she loves about Italy

  • Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
  • the sea in Apulia
  • the Venetian architecture
  • pizza on the Amalfi Coast
  • the rawness of Sicily
  • my beautiful region, Friuli
What can happen at work

"Fede, we want you to sing at our wedding"

In 2017 I was planning a very nice wedding in Portovenere for a truly special couple. I was sending them some recommendations of musicians for their ceremony in the local castle when I got an email back, saying: 'We want YOU to sing at our wedding'. 

They had obviously gone online and found out that from time to time I perform. Long story short, I learnt the songs that they had requested and sang them at the ceremony with my guitar, too. They also had me as a guest to their wedding reception and we've been catching up once a year ever since, when they come to Italy or when I go to Florida or in New York. 

And a beautiful friendship was born!

they say about her

We cannot say enough good things about Federica and we are very pleased to have found not only a great wedding planner but also a dear friend in her too. She is truly the most efficient person I have ever dealt with. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her and I feel that she stepped over and above her normal duties to make our day not only spectacular but flawless, right to the very end.

Federica... Thank you so so much my dear friend. I look back on how the day was for us and realize that it was no small feat that you accomplished. Without you, I don't believe it would have been possible. You kept me calm when I was freaking out; you kept me informed every step of the way; you remembered everything I needed you to, even when my brain had no more capacity to hold any more data; you even got me Ice for my ankle that was swollen. You are one of the most genuine people I know. You're a wonderful person who was calm, analytical, precise in your methodology and firm enough to keep me in line. I was very blessed to have you facilitating our wedding.

All the best to your company and to your star Lady!!!!!


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