Raphaelle and Victor

In true Lake Como style 

A wedding venue where all ideas can come to life

Our agenda was showing already two big weddings booked for the hottest week of the hottest wedding (and metereological) season, so the stakes were high when we welcomed in R and V’s dreams list.

Their idea of a beautiful wedding included the shores of a lake, and a very charming Venue, within easy reach for guests arriving from all corners of Europe, which made us think right away - Villa Balbiano.

Como is a location like no other. The calm of the lake waters and the intense green from the contouring mountains offers a peaceful setting for wedding groups of all sizes. And what better option than to throw in a touch of Stile Italiano with the crystal chandeliers, the high frescoed ceilings and the neo-classical sophistication offered by this Villa, standing tall on the side of the lake?

The vision

R and V's notes

The main idea that R+V had co-created was that of a lavish wedding day made of great food, amazing flowers, and a long night party. Victor had been really clear about this: no music limit was a Must. In addition to that, we had to look for the right size location that could host a hundred wedding guests outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. The couple wished for their loved ones to always had the lake in sight! Villa Balbiano could really tick all the boxes, and more.

Planning an Italian outdoors wedding in a luxurious villa is always a challenge, and despite years of experience, we know that we have to be extra careful with every detail. We have an important role as hired wedding planners to bridge the communication between our clients' dreams and mediate with the villa's management and regulations. 

The ceremony could be performed in the front garden of the villa, which stands for an absolutely blissful setting, a real kodak moment. During the cocktail, we could ask the caterer to decorate the outdoor dining table with a plentiful of small luxury details, set up with lilac linens and surrounded by pending chandeliers, including the personalized hand-painted espresso coffee cups which were given to the guests as a wedding favour. 

The five deal breakers for R+V

  • Location: iconic Villa on a Lake
  • Ceremony: facing the lake, with beautiful views
  • Venue: with a unique, uncomparable feeling
  • Guests: around 70 from all over the world
  • Side notes: an extravagant after wedding party 

The wedding plan

How did we pull it off

Many details spoke of the perfect wedding! We were incredibly happy because the bride had given us the opportunity to work for a colourful, fresh wedding with a pre-designed arrangement of flowers and pretty little details that we knew would give the wedding a very romantic touch! 

The ceremony and the long Italian table looked so incredibly beautiful, framed by the opulent villa on the back and the Lake on the front, a nice moment of pride even for us as planners.

The next day the extravaganza went off the charts with the Lido beach party that we exclusively rented for an all-day of fun, music, food and drinks. Everyone enjoyed the lake breeze while jumping in the water, or sipping an elegant cocktail. Living La Dolce Vita

Three days were too short for some of the guests that wanted to soak in the glamorous atmosphere and wished they could have more! 

Thank you R+V for this wonderful day