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Rome, the Eternal City. An urban wonder whose artistic and historical backbone make it one of the most desired destinations of the worldwide tourism. What makes this city so unique is the real opportunity to walk through infinite past versions of Rome. Stumbling upon the iconic symbols of this grandiose urbanistic achievement, you will witness in real life the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum just a few streets away from the famous Baroque Piazzas, and the unmistakable Renaissance architecture. 

Whether you choose to stand in front of the sculptures or frescoes while the wedding photographer takes a snap of your love, or you replay the famous scenes around town taken from the movie La Dolce Vita, here is your chance to feel deep what we mean when we say Stile Italiano.

Reason why

5 reasons to have your wedding in Rome

A wedding in Rome is not only for lovers of ancient history, but also for urban couples who wish to mix heritage and urban trends. After all, all roads lead to Rome.

If you are still undecided, here are five good reasons to choose Rome as your Italian wedding destination.



A trip down Memory Lane

It's one of the most iconic sights in the entire world. When hearing of the Colosseum, we all immediately think about Rome and we want to take a picture of us, there. 

If you didn't know, this is officially the largest, best-preserved site dating from Imperial Rome, still in existance today. It was built by Roman Emperor Vespasian in 80 AD as a massive amphitheatre to host gladiator fights. 

The Colosseum is for Italians and foreigners a landmark of glorious times and resistance, and this alone should suffice as a reason to head over to Rome at least once in your life. Given its notoriety, it's also being framed as a pictorial background by many fine dining restaurants of the neighbourhood for an incredibly romantic experience you will not want to miss.


Like only in the movies

Another magical masterpiece sitting right in the heart of the Roman city plan is the much celebrated Fontana di Trevi. If the name does not ring a bell, you will certainly recognize the design of this Baroque work of art at the centre of the movie scene from La Dolce Vita. The film certainly did put such beauty on the map, however do not be mistaken as Rome and Vatican City abound in fountains making the view all over the city extra sweet.

The ones worth a stop are for sure the fountains sculpted by the artist Bernini, first and foremost the striking Fontana Quattro Fiumi situated in Piazza Navona, another square famously shot in quite a number of movies. The Fontana della Barcaccia, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps in what is known as one of the most romantic corner of town, and the Fontana del Tritone, depicting the Deity Triton in all his physical vigour and decorating Piazza Barberini.

Avoid the daily crowds of tourists and plan your visit at twilight when the lighting effects on the water will give it an extra splash of romance.


The headquarters of Christianity

Food for all believers, and non-believers out there. Vatican City is the next attraction in line, a 0.44km2 quarter within the perimeter of central Rome but in fact not part of the same precinct, nor of Italy. The backbone of this incredibly iconic area is St. Peter's Basilica, the largest church in the world and main residence to the Pope and the Catholic Clergy. Visitors describe reaching the Mother Church of Christianity as a true mystical experience which takes you by foot from the long and wide avenue with the Basilica in far sight, to the majestic opening of the Piazza S. Pietro, as the light sparkling at the end of the tunnel. 

Vatican City houses amongst other things, the celebrated Vatican Museums and namely the most incredible art collection of all time. Spanning over more than 3000 years from the Classical era to the modern day, exhibited in over 1400 rooms and climaxing with the most important works by Michelangelo.

Leave space for true wonderment, and in your camera memory when you reach the Sistine Chapel, as part of the itinerary of the Vatican Museums. A real-life pinching moment when you'll tilt your head back and stand speechless admiring Michelangelo's frescoes.

Not just a site for tourism, smaller churches in Vatican City are actually a viable option for catholic wedding ceremonies for our couples of devotees.


The Spanish Steps

In Rome, every architectural creation holds on to a story and a myth. So when you step onto Piazza di Spagna or you approach Trinità dei Monti, find a moment to stand in silence and take in all the beauty you have in front of you.

The Spanish Steps, in Italian Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti, are a testimony to the artistry and mastership of the 18th century Roman architecture. 135 steps intermitted by comfortable landings where you can catch your breath, concepted as a way to connect the square to the church at the top of the hill.

The view from above is so worth the climb. And if you feel overwhelmed at the end of the experience, just know that the area is full of luxury shops and fashion temples where our brides have enjoyed a memorable shopping spree in good company.


Rome is fun

Packed with such rich art and cultural heritage, Rome is not exclusive to educated traveling.

There is great fun and joyful moments that you and your guests can experience in Rome. A modern city with a vibrant, entertaining nightlife, it will be hard to shortlist which cocktail bars and fine-dine restaurants to try.

For those wanting to get an authentic feel of this magical city, we definitely recommend touring the centre on a Fiat 500 or sharing a Vespa with your loved one. This way your wedding photo shoot will be a real moment all'italiana.


Foodie Guide

Rome is internationally considered as one of the Italian hot spots of fine dining experiences. Here you will in fact encounter some of the best gastronomic restaurants of the peninsula.

The global enthusiasm for la cucina romana, the Roman kitchen, whoops on its combination of simple flavours, highly reliant on lusty food creations coming from recipes from its rich legacy.

Eating out is undoubtedly one of the most beloved pleasures in Italy, and Rome is the perfect stage where you can practice. Ranging from contemporary fine dining locations and lovely local restaurants to the more low-key trattorias, a Roman eating-out experience will always make you feel spoilt on all levels. 

The truth behind the famous stereotypes is that Italians actually do always talk about food, and that's because they love it. But you will see it for yourself that Romans are particularly generous with their knowledge and will share all sorts of tips and tricks on the matter. 

Let us guide you towards the right place and we can promise you they will whip up a completely personal menu for your wedding reception in no time, serving you the best of Rome on a silver platter.

Don't miss

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Rome in a glass

Everything about Rome boasts a rich and tangled history, and wine is no different. Thanks to the clay-rich soil of the country areas surrounding the big city, the tradition of winemaking here stretches over millennia. Vine growing began in fact with the Etruscan, before it reached its peak time with the Romans.

A great variety of distinctive wines is produced today in the Roman area, from the delicate, sweet-scented Cannellino and the dry Frascati white wines from the family of Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes. Roman vineyards are mainly white grape based but there is no lack of trustworthy red wine varieties. The primary red wine produced is Merlot, yet the signature red wine of the region is Cesanese.

Locations in Rome offer a very vast choice of wine selection for every moment of your wedding reception, just take your pick.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Cesanese del Piglio DOCG, Cannellino di Frascati, Frascati Superiore, Aleatico di Gradoli, Aprilia, Atina, Castelli Romani, Cerveteri, Cesanese, Circeo, Colli Albani, Colli della Sabina, Colli Etruschi Viterbesi, Colli Lanuzini, Cori, Frascati, Genezzano, Montecomparti, Nettuno, Sangiovese, Tarquinia, Velletri, Vignanello.

The Arts

Rome is art

Even for those of you who skipped art class, when walking around Rome you will be able to find your bearings amongst the famous masterpieces gifted to us by Caravaggio, Raffaello, Bernini, and Michelangelo. 

From Ancient Rome to Renaissance and Baroque times, Rome has lived through centuries of infinite visual arts creation, whose results are still very present in every corner of the city. Rome distinguished itself from the leaders of the ancient world by developing its own artistic language. Bold in the way they put buildings together, and immensly inspired by naturalism coming from the ancient traditions of Greece, Egypt and Ancient Persia before that. No matter the time, the Romans liked to adorn their public and private buildings with full colour, and distinctive for its texture. But perhaps the greatest contribution that Romans left us was the incredible mosaic works that they masterly created.

Frescoes by Michelangelo and paintings by Raffaello and Caravaggio make the view of the city ever so sweet, and the fabulous Bernini fountains flowing all over Rome are the first expression of beauty that you will enjoy during your recreation time here. 

Great Artists in Rome

  • Leon Battista Alberti
  • Michelangelo Buonarroti
  • Alessandro Cremona
  • Giuseppe Valadier
  • Tintoretto
  • Pinturicchio
  • Giotto
  • Kandinskij
  • Claude Monet
  • Michelangelo Merisi Il Caravaggio
  • Giorgio Vasari
  • Raphael
  • Bernini
VIP Weddings

Celebs who got hitched in Rome

The lavish ambiance of Rome and its fabulous palazzi make it an upscale setting for VIP ceremonies and luxury events.

Among the most famous celebrity weddings that took place in the Rome area is the luxury marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Castello di Bracciano. An over-the-top event with 150 guests including celebrities of the likes of Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and Armani, kick-started the wedding party after a short ceremony. Fabulously decorated in shades of red, white, and gold palette, the setting showcased a super romantic note with candles, satin drapes, and torches all along the external façade of the castle.

Renowned fashion designer Misha Nonoo also chose to tie the knot in Rome, on a stunning 3-day event. The bride decided on a classy Dolce Vita theme and top-class decorations and gowns, that she herself designed. Many celebrities participated at the tasteful wedding, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, given the friendship between the bride and Meghan. Other vip guests who attended the wedding were Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. The celebrations took place at the villa, with a further sit-down meal in the famed film studio, Cinecittà.

Celebrities all around Rome

Stroll around EUR, Parioli and Olgiata neighbors... you might catch a celebrity walking back home!

Fashion and Style

Rome's got talent

How much do you really know about the Italian Dolce Vita? The “sweet life” speaks about a relaxed, pleasure-filled way that Italians are known to seek and cultivate in their lives. Yet, there is much more than just enjoying life's seductive pleasures in this two-word message. Effectively, it is a real lifestyle. A state of mind, for which doing things in your own time and seeking beauty are probably the two guiding principles at the top of the list. Being well-dressed and stylish is also part of the experience. Visitors of our beautiful country admit to experiencing that for Italians, looks are everything. 

Wander the streets of Rome and you'll be directed to an actual temple of fashion, where historic monuments and sights are just few steps away from haute-couture boutiques the likes of Fendi, Bulgari, Prada, Gucci and many others.

Italian stylist Valentino lives in Rome, and the city is the hometown of many renowned stylists such as Laura Biagiotti and the Fendi sisters. This alone creates a reciprocal, symbiotic relationship. The city and its artsy vibe are a source of inspiration for the industry, and, in return, designers and fashionistas together fuel the ultracool atmosphere of Rome with their creativity.

Rome is a staple destination for luxury fashion events. Haute couture shows from the recent past left such an incredible mark, this was the case of Fendi's fashion show at the Temple of Venus and the Fountain of Trevi, where models literally walked on water, on a transparent catwalk.

The elegant palaces and gorgeous locations make for great locations for a wedding of international appeal.

Celebrities who own a house in Rome

  • Orlando Bloom, movie star
  • Will Smith, movie star, rapper and dancer
  • Valentino, stylist
  • Willem Dafoe, American actor
  • Sophia Loren, movie star
What we do

How we make it work

Rome is a favored destination and a must-see for tourists and visitors coming from all over the world. Having the possibility of relying on expert local advice is therefore very important to make sure you choose the best possible venue, ensuring full privacy to your special day.

We have planned many exclusive weddings in Rome and we work with the most renowned Roman venues, just in the outskirts of the city, from which you can enjoy incredible views of the Roman skyline from a peaceful, bucolic setting.

We know the best areas of Rome and don't doubt, we will not leave your side throughout the planning. We'll support you from the get-go to the moment you book your venue and vendors, until the coming together on your day. Rome is a funpark of leisure activities to get your guests engaged to. Most of all, Rome is known to be a great testimonial about the Stile Italiano, a carefree environment promoting enjoyment of living with a more relaxed attitude towards life that you will not be able to resist.

We make it our mission to ensure you and your guests experience an unforgettable time.