Sumptuous Wedding Villa in Rome


Neoclassical beauty in the buzzing hub of Rome

A dreamy location, this neoclassical gem ticks all the boxes when it comes to special occasions and exclusive events in Rome. Without a doubt, this is one of the most charming locations in the Capital, a green oasis in the heart of Rome, just next to the Spanish steps and Villa Borghese.

Set on the highest point of the Roman Pincio Hill, this wedding villa turned luxury hotel offers great panoramic views of the Eternal City. Soak in the panorama and the elegant ambience in one of people's favorite setting and your lifestyle wedding will be something your guests will remember forever.


Event options for your day

The villa has many options indoor and outdoor to host your event.
The building is spread on 4 floors and is provided with different halls and areas indoor. Featuring splendid frescoed walls, vaulted ceilings and tasteful furnishings, there is a total of 4 rooms ideal for smaller groups, and 2 breathtaking larger rooms for weddings with up to 150 guests. The outdoor areas are a real dream. Between the many terraces and the green garden, you'll be spoilt for choice and can designate each area for a different moment of your special day. Pretty perfect for events of all kinds and sizes, the venue includes also a panoramic restaurant with great food served in a very unique setting, overlooking the city and its universal fame. The restaurant is known to cater for guests with all kinds of special dietary requirements, including kosher cuisine.

Symbolic nuptials can be celebrated onsite, while civil and catholic ceremonies can be arranged in close proximity to the villa.


  • plentiful accommodation onsite
  • up to 150 guests
  • 40 mins away from Rome airport
  • fitness centre
  • 3 different restaurants

A city living in eternity

The origins of Rome are wrapped in the fable of Romulus and Remus, twin sons of the god Mars, both abandoned on the flooding river and left by the receding waters at the foot of the Palatine Hill. Suckled by a she-wolf, they were then raised by a shepherd and grew up to be the founding fathers of Rome. The Roman countryside, the campagna, was one of the last areas of central Italy to be settled in antiquity. In search of protection, Rome was built on a hill that dominated the river Tiber, soon becaming the capital of an ancient republic and empire, leaving indelible imprints on the ancient Western world with unbeatable armies and imperious policies. 

The eternal city is the spiritual and physical headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and the home of major artistic and intellectual pinnacles. Divided into 22 districts called rioni and circled by 35 boroughs, Rome's fate took a turn for the worse and from controlling the destiny of all civilization known to Europe, it tragically fell into disrepair by the late Middle Ages, nevertheless keeping its power over the world, as an idea of absolute power. The Renaissance was a turning point and a new golden era, from which we are left with thousands of meaningful artistic manifestations. The city came back with the teacher and builder spirit it had been known for. 

Good to know:

  • 1.5 km > Piazza di Spagna
  • 2.5 km > Fontana di Trevi
  • 3 km > Villa Borghese
  • 4.5 km > Vatican City
  • 5.5 km > Trastevere
  • 6 km > Colosseum
  • 173 km > Perugia
  • 228 km > Naples
  • 277 km > Florence
Recreational activities

No other place like Rome

Walking around the city is basically the same as exploring a massive museum. At every turn, you'll stumble upon a beautiful monument, church, or a statue that was built centuries ago. Whether you want to spend your days walking as much as possible, and ticking off every corner of Rome, or if you intend to focus more on food, culture, and get cozy with a local neighborhood, there are endless important things to see.

Let's start with the Colosseum, the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo, the Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna, Piazzale Venezia, Castel Sant’Angelo, … and on and on it goes. The very centre of the city becomes super lively at night, and you can have a nice time just by watching people and soaking up the Italian vibes.

Pick up a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses, and start your night in Rome the right way by one of its famous fountains. Before leaving, don't forget to throw in a coin for good luck! There’s a really nice walk of a few kilometers along the Tiber river, an alternative way to shed those dinner calories, and look in awe at the Roman architecture by night! If you manage to get to Trastevere, you'll be rewarded by bars, cafes and restaurants filled with locals and toursists alike to keep your love for Rome going until the early hours of the day.

Keep busy with:

  • Michaelangelo’s Last Judgement at the Vatican Museums
  • a climb of the dome at St Peter’s Basilica
  • a tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome
  • an insight into the macabre Capuchin Crypt and Roman catacombs
  • Sunday Mass officiated by the Pope
  • an art immersion at the Borghese Gallery