Wedding venues in Venice


Venues for weddings in Venice: Palazzi, Palaces, Hotels, islands... magic is in the air.

A dream wedding in Venice…like something out of a fairytale Elegance and beauty reflected in the glimmering canals… live the fascination of a wedding palace in Venice. Discover the marvellous Venice in all its beauty, elegant, colourful gondolas sliding gently through the charming waterways… imposing Renaissance palaces… ancient and modern blending together thus creating an inimitable atmosphere… Everything in Venice contributes to creating a marvellous, matchless feeling… unbelievably romantic!

We had the pleasure of planning weddings in almost every wedding venue in Venice and for the last 20 or more years, Venice has been one of our preferred and loved destinations for our couples. From the luxurious Cipriani Hotel on Isola della Giudecca to the majestic Hotel Danieli on Riva degli Schiavoni, the elegant and luxury Palazzo Pisani Moretta, or the more secluded and romantic Hamman: Venice is undoublty filled with history and charming wedding venues.


Wedding Palaces in Venice

Travel back in time gliding through the charming waterways of Venice, elegance, beauty and romanticism. An unparalleled city, Venice is one of the most beloved and renowned Italian wedding destinations. Charming historical palaces will add to the charm and romanticism of your big day: secret corners, hidden gardens and imposing historical buildings will leave you under the impression you have actually entered a fairytale world! A wedding palace in Venice will grant you the opportunity to celebrate your love privately while being in the very heart of the charming Floating City. 

Do not miss this golden opportunity: we can suggest a selected assortment of marvellous “dream wedding” palaces! A charming city, multifaceted as in a fascinating masked ballVenice, one of the most beautiful and precious “jewels” of Italy: just as a precious diamond, the city has many sides to discover and admire… Venice “the joyful”, capital of the lust for life… Venice city of art and culture… no matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Venice! Live your dreams in a romantic wedding palace in Venice

Celebrate the most important and most romantic day of your life in VeniceThe charming architecture, the rich history, the arts and the music… when looking for the right wedding venue in Venice you will just be spoilt for choice! Celebrate your love in the same sites where noblemen used to live, in the shade of romance… in the very heart of history! An Italian wedding villa or palace is a perfect choice for events with 20 or more guests: feel free to contact us for further information, and we will be happy to assist and advise you!

The City of Venice

Venice, the city of Love

Experience is one of the most important reasons we are so often asked to plan weddings in Venezia. We know and love Venice. We know each secret garden (just perfect for a special symbolic ceremony) and the islands around it with their incredible views and intimacy. We love Venetian palaces: extraordinary elegant buildings located directly on the Grand Canal or small and intimate reception sites in other secluded areas.