A Venetian Style Palazzo


An entire Palace for your own use and leasure 

Look at this impressive and beautiful baroque Palace front facing the notable Grand Canal, just off Campo Santa Margherita and the lovely university area. With the benefit of a beautiful garden and courtyard in the back area, well hidden from the outside streets, this wedding location allows for a perfect intimate event in all privacy.

Formerly known as a 17th century noble residence, the Palace has served as an exclusive wedding venue in Venice since the very beginning.

With a beautifully elegant and tasteful façade, the palace features lavish, captivating interiors, and works perfectly as a location for photo shooting and videos.


Event options for your day

The main floor of this palazzo, containing the main reception and bedrooms of the house and for this called piano nobile, boasts one of the most beautiful dining and ballrooms in Venice, Sala degli specchi, the room of mirrors, with authentic paintings of great value. The venue is filled with luxurious spaces and grandiose decorations with stuccoes and gold and is ideal for a lavish party dining on round tables with a bespoke floral set up and chandeliers. The cocktail can be served outside in the beautiful garden while enjoying romantic live music or a traditional Italian folklore band. After dinner, you can keep the dance going in the big halls on the ground floor.

Book this venue for your symbolic ceremony and reception, both of which can be staged in the outside gardens, or use it to host your wedding reception in full glamour style after the civil or catholic ceremony in one of the designated venues in town.


  • no accommodation onsite
  • wedding receptions of around 70-80 guests
  • 30 mins away from Venice airport

The queen of all things lavish 

Spread over 118 small islands, boasting 450 royal residences and with a staggering 417 bridges and 127 piazzas, Venice is without any doubt an extraordinary architectural masterpiece. The city of water has been shining bright since the dawn of time and every year that goes by is a blessing to still have this place intact, despite the terrible news of its fast sinking and the local phenomenon of acqua alta, a particularly high tide - around 9 cm rise - occurring with special weather conditions and causing major flooding through the city.

Taking a trip to Venice is quite a surreal experience. A city entirely made 'to walk', where boats serve as means of transport of people, goods and services. Fancy rides like gondolas are there to entertain visitors and make them feel a true part of this romantic scenario, that is moulded from a whole other era. The magic doesn't end here, and the neighbouring island settlements of which Burano, Lido, Torcello take the stage, are lovely sights of tradition. Venice is unique on so many levels and retains the title of one of the world’s oldest tourist and cultural centres. Don't be fooled, the city is not just populated with hoards of outsiders, as fishermen in small craft are a common sight in the lagoon, as much as children are still using the squares as playing fields giving the urban life of Venice a sense of normality away from the main crowded routes.

Good to know:

  • 1 mins > Santa Croce
  • 8 mins > Ponte di rialto
  • 12 mins > Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore
  • 16 mins > San Marco Square
  • 37 mins > Biennale di Venezia
  • 51 mins > Murano
  • 51 mins > Lido
  • 122 km > Verona
  • 267 km > Milan
Recreational activities

Artistic patrimony of all humanity

The unique framework of canals and narrow streets, and the overwhelming presence of luxurious buildings and monuments have created a need for conscious conservation in the world community of arts and heritage, giving you the advantage of witnessing its artistic and architectural wealth before it's too late. One can reach any point in Venice by foot. Walk along the banks of the canals, cross the paved streets, and take a break in the neighbourhood squares. Climbing the 400 plus canal bridges is also quite an activity, but ever-so-worthy once you get to the top and you have the open view right in front of your eyes.

You can plan your holidays around one of the three main yearly events filling the city with a magical ambience. The February Carnival to be a part of the parade of vintage Venetian masks and typical costumes, the Biennale to admire contemporary art, architecture, film, dance, music, and theatre festivals, and nothing less than the Venice International Film Festival - also part of the Biennale - and held on the Lido every September. During this last multiple day event thousands of actors, critics, and other members of the movie industry flock to Venice and can be spotted around town searching for souvenirs and taking shots of the buildings.

Keep busy with:

  • a day trip to the Dolomites mountains
  • indulge in a chockolate tasting
  • a visit to the Jewish museum
  • renting a bike to explore Lido island
  • booking a dinner cruise on a galleon
  • enjoy climbing St Mark's campanile