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Up to the Dolomites, down to the Adriatic Sea

You may know it as the motherland of Valpolicella vines and artful cities like Venice and Verona, the Veneto region is filled with all that Italy is known for. There are many reasons to embark on a journey across this region besides the obvious lifetime dream of seeing Venezia. 

In fact, we like to call it the homeland of matching contrasts. The baroque charm of Venice against the classical style villas on the Brenta river. The echoeing wave of the Valpolicella hills and the tranquil waters of Lake Garda. 

And for those looking for a Prosecco wine experience worth the while, there is plenty to taste in the central area from Valdobbiadene to Treviso. Bottoms up!

Reasons why

5 reasons to have your wedding in Veneto

Led by the worldwide renowned city of love and canals, the Veneto region is such a sensational destination for its many artistic treasures.

If you are still undecided, here are five good reasons to choose Veneto for your Italian wedding.


Territories to discover 

As a land of thriving sea trades, the Veneto region profited of an abudant wealth throughout the Renaissance. To make their name known, rich merchants and nobility invested in luxury countryside summer villas. This was the time when the renowned architectural genius Andrea Palladio designed their residential buildings. Greatly influenced by the classics, he drew inspiration from ancient temples, where simple lines lead to a structural majestic feeling.

Too beautiful not to be listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will have the opportunity to admire such refined styles by booking a guided boat tour on the Brenta River, taking you outside of the many villas scattered in the outskirts of the city of Vicenza and along the river itself.


Glass-making in Murano

Have you every heard of Murano glass? Perhaps you associate it to luxurious chandeliers and other decorative objects found in art galleries and exclusive boutiques around the world. This is where it originates from, the tiny island of Murano, a short boat ride away from Venice.

History suggests that this popular glass-making technique found its own identity in 13th century when the Main Officer of Venice ordered all glassmakers to move their workshops to the island of Murano. By doing so, he was trying to avoid the risk of fire burning the buildings of the city, constructed primarily with wooden material.

We have to thank these artisans' inspired concept that glass can be mouth-blown and shaped using a torch into any possible object. They were true glass masters, world-known to this day for their art and unique choice of colours. 

Lampworkers demonstrations are a favorite to enjoy Murano, where unique tokens can be admired and purchased in their local showrooms.


Artful cities

Verona: grazed by a sparkling atmosphere, the centre of town offers many attractions to tourists and locals, all within walking distance. Close to the hearts of historians for the imposing 2000-year-old Roman Arena, and to the sentimental minds eager to visit the house and balcony of Juliet.

We recommend it to our couples in love as a day tour for their guests, or a stopover for visitors coming from Lake Garda and the nearby Valpolicella valleys. 

Treviso: off the tourist track, this pretty town crossed by canals and cobbled alleys is an authentic museum piece full of gorgeous frescoed buildings. Treviso is a favorite for private and quiet ceremonies, often followed by boat parties on the Sila river.

Padua: an elegant fortress town housing the fifth-oldest university in the world. The city is blessed by an amazing religious network of buildings where visitors can catch notable frescoes from the Middle Ages. Padua is also well known for its impressive botanical gardens, showcasing over 1300 species of plants and trees.

Vicenza: birthplace of the celebrated Renaissance architect Palladio, this town is a real work of art and a pleasure to explore. Get on a treasure hunt around the city looking for the unmistakable churches and palaces that Palladio himself designed.


The one and only Valpolicella

Driving out of the precious town of Verona, one can soon come across the idyllic landscape of the Valpolicella hills. This area is often chosen by bike enthusiasts to immerse themselves in nature, and reach the romantic shores of neighbouring Lake Garda.

Not limited to vines, this enviable precinct is also climate-perfect for olive and cherry productions. The nearby presence of Lake Garda brings in fact a Mediterranean-like warmth, topped off by the cooling breeze coming down from the Alps, all of which combined turns Valpolicella into a true agricultural paradise.


Fortress towns climbing up the Dolomites 

Tours of alternative towns in the Veneto region are a great entertainment option for your guests. Let's take the example of the charming Bassano del Grappa. With a name inherited from the nearby mountain area Monte Grappa, and the locally produced namesake spirit, this town is very dear to the locals for its peculiar wooden bridge which made history for its importance as a channel of communication between the city and the outside world. Bassano del Grappa is a also a great way to get to know more about Palladio's works around the region.

A first pick among nature lovers, this area is perfect to venture out in bold mountain hikes. If you find yourself near the town of Asolo, plan for some time well-spent in one of the so-called beautiful towns of Italy, and the VIP setting of the Rockerfeller's wedding, nonetheless.

Featuring charming sights with the still-lively castle, Asolo is a popular hillside panoramic location. One more for the books, this spectacular wine-making area by the name of Bardolino, sits on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. And continuing North, you can visit Belluno, also known as the gateway to the majestic Dolomites. From here, you and your guests can stand in awe of the beauty of Veneto's mountainside and enjoy all-year activities from winter skiing to summer hiking and biking.


Foodie Guide

Veneto is a region steeped in culinary culture. Historic exchanges with foreign populations impacted the cuisine of this land tremendously. Particularly decisive in Veneto's modern day trends were the Far East trades bringing rice and spices over to Europe through the gates of Venice. Yet the real treasure of this incredible tradition is owed to the immense variety of landscape that the region boasts. The Adriatic coastline all the way south, the grassy hills of the Po Valley and the mountainous Dolomites to the north. That's what makes the cooking so unique. 

While pasta is still traditionally made and consumed here, it certainly comes after the more common risotto and polenta. For the vegetarians and vegans out there, you may want to note down that vegetables are treated with the same respect as meat and fish by the locals, so get ready to double up on your greens. 

With a large stretch of coastline to fish, it’s no wonder that fish and seafood make up a large part of the local diet. Pilchards, sardines and anchovies are at the base of many iconic Venetian dishes, while squid, octopus, mussels, clams and prawns are made into all manner of delicious little dishes. Inland Veneto is where you'll mostly find meat dishes, with robust stews made from beef and red wine, rich ragùs made from fatty meats such as duck and mixed dishes such as bollito misto. Prepare yourself to a whole different menu in every area.

With such an incredible room for choice, Veneto certainly makes for a perfect destination to draw up a yummy wedding menu and leave your guests in awe.

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Veneto in a glass

Home to epic wines of international prestige, Veneto, and Valpolicella make for almost 20% of the whole Italian wine production. Prosecco sparkling wine from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area is also one of the reasons why the Veneto region has a big red pin on the international wine map. What an irresistible array of wine varieties! 

The Valpolicella wine qualities feature a distinctive sour cherry note and are cherished for their dry and juicy character. Soave is counted among one of the most internationally recognized Italian wines, with its bright lemon flavour and the crisp, refreshing quality. Make sure you have a dessert wine of excellent choice, like the local sweet wine Recioto di Soave. The lakeshore Bardolino fertile terrain is the one bringing the refreshing Bardolino light red wines to our tables: we all love the fruitiness it has. And to make those looking for a full-bodied red wine happy, too, Veneto offers the dramatic tones of the Amarone. 

Choosing a locally produced wine for your wedding reception can add personal character to the whole event with a guarantee of high-quality, exclusive choices and great price-value ratio.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Bardolino, Prosecco, Raboso, Recioto, Soave, Valpolicella, Amarone.

The Arts

Veneto is art

A rich, thriving land rooted in the triumphs of the Renaissance, the Veneto region was home to talented artists, painters, musicians, writers, all of which left footprints of great value. No stone is left unturned in the cities within this regional perimeter.

Let's think of Vicenza, for example, aka the city of Gold, a heaven of villas, and a countryside crossed by war paths. The cherished Padova holding on to the treasures of Giotto’s works, but also where astronomer Galileo made his discoveries. And then Shakespeare and his beloved Verona, Venice with the internationally known art market of the Biennale... and we could go on and on with the list.

Here, the word 'art' takes on a much broader meaning. It's not just about the classics and their heritage. Everywhere you turn, you encounter a trace, a symbol of art. You'll find yourself somehow in a trascendental state where you no longer just admire art, but you live it, you eat it, you are in it. "Provare per credere", seeing is believing.

Great Artists from Veneto

  • Bellini,
  • Tiziano,
  • Tintoretto,
  • Tiepolo,
  • Palladio,
  • Canaletto,
  • Antonio Canova,
  • Goldoni,
  • Giorgione,
  • Mantegna
VIP weddings

Celebs who got hitched in Veneto

If you were a famous person, where would you choose to spend your big day, far from the flashes of the paps? Veneto is for sure in the top 3 of this list, for weddings and big VIP events. Outside of Venice, there's more than a handful of names worthy of Vogue's page one. Jessica Chastain tying the knot in Treviso to her Italian beau is one fashionable example. Or the Rockefeller descendant Wyatt and his lady celebrating big in the pretty town of Asolo is another testimony to Veneto being on the celebs wedding radar.

Italian wedding curiosities

Leaving home Bride should exit her house from the front door and step out right foot first.
Why bride and groom avoid seeing each other on the morning of the wedding day? Perhaps it has something to do with the period of arranging marriages! The bride's father, probably, feared the groom would stop the engagement if his fiancé wasn't beautiful.

Getting to the church Walking was thought to be the best way of getting to Church, as there was more chance to see lucky omens. Meeting a black cat, seeing a rainbow, and having the sunshine on the Bride meant all random things to come. Bad omens were seeing a pig crossing the road or meeting a funeral procession.
What we do

How we make it work

For us at WeddingItaly, the Veneto region represents the beginning of our very story. It was in fact in the city of Venice that we arranged our first weddings back in 1999. Verona, Treviso, Bassano del Grappa. We know all the special destinations and the most romantic corners out here. Our headquarters are not far from it either, which allows us to oversee every little detail with attention and care. With our expert advice, we promise you will feel more relaxed when choosing your venue. 

We make it our mission to give you and your guests the memory of a lifetime. To ensure all preparations go smoothly, we also add the travel assistance to your holiday package, supported by our in-house agents. We will be by your side during all the phases of the planning. Tell us your dreams, and we'll do anything to make them possible.

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