Kerstin and Markus

Verona, city of Shakespearean's Love

Your classy ever after in one of Italy's most opulent wedding venues

Welcome to another great wedding story of pure love and merriment, a fairytale ceremony in a wedding venue that could only be described as iconic and unique. 

Villa Arvedi is one of the most outstanding Venetian Palaces in Verona, and a dream wedding location in the Veneto region where our handsome Kerstin and Markus exchanged their vows in front of their loved ones and the award-winning Italian gardens the villa boasts. 

It may have been the far-reaching views over the hills, the formal lawns, the chance for a sun-soaked back garden ceremony, it's hard to pinpoint. From the moment Kerstin and her fiancé set their eyes on this villa, the invites were sent and preparations started. 

Wedding planned by

The vision

Kerstin and Markus' notes

Many of our couples come with requests for known wedding destinations such as Venice, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como. When Kerstin wrote her first email we were overjoyed to have the possibility of planning a wedding a little 'outside' the convention. 

The villa they chose sits a mere 15 minutes from the Shakesperean's centre of Verona and this option suited perfectly Kerstin and Markus' challenging accommodation needs, given the size of their wedding. Luckily, Kerstin showed a calm and collected attitude throughout the entire planning, and any change of plans was welcomed with a let's fix it-response. Loved it. 

Fede, our superstar planner, managed to negotiate well with the team at the local municipality which meant the ceremony with the couple's own personal add-ons was soon confirmed, and the civil rite could indeed be performed in the outside garden.

The choice of a soul musical accompaniment couldn't channel better the elegance of the event, and after much searching our bride and groom settled on an acoustic quartet, a local phenomenon bringing that extra bit of romance to Italian weddings.

The list of things to check onsite was long, as expected but everyone involved brought their A game and did their best, so with a little bit of luck and professional savoir faire, we knew we were going to have a fantastic time!

The five deal breakers for Kerstin and Markus

  • Location: within easy reach from Austria
  • Ceremony: civil outdoors
  • Venue: majestic Italian villa
  • Guests: big party of 110 people

The action plan

How did we pull it off

On the wedding day everyone arrived at the bus pick-up location on time and looking dashing for the occasion. The ceremony was truly lovely and very heartfelt - it's always such a nice idea to add your own moments, with poems, songs, memories that have a deep meaning for the couple and the guests. 

After a restorative time during the aperitif outside in the gardens, where everyone could calm their nerves and sync with the incredible beauty of the surrounding landscape, the party moved on to the inside of the palace. The wedding dinner was in fact staged indoors in one of the villa's frescoed rooms on the first floor - and executed to the couple's exact specifications. We were really impressed by the excellent service and food catered, and received boasting compliments which made us feel very very happy. 

With a sequence of outside cake followed by indoor dancing time, the day eventually came to an end, and we waved our goodbyes and dearest wishes to our Kerstin and her husband. What can we say, other than 'Viva l'Amore'!