Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta

Get married in Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta

Beauty a la Belle Époque

Two of the most magical locations by the water in the far North. 

One is the largest in size of all the pre-Alpine lakes, from which fact it takes the name. Lake Maggiore is a true sight for sore eyes, especially for its frame of snow-capped peaks. Its ice-age vulcanic origin must have something to do with this natural scenery of rare beauty. An elegant belle epoque vibe permeates the whole lake view, with exquisite 19th century villas and gardens opening up to the waterfront promenades. Looking out from the lake banks, one can spot three magical islands, equally stunning if you take a boat trip around this water body.

The other one sits beyond a mountain ridge, west of Lake Maggiore and it's the quiet Lake Orta. Once a popular retreat for artists and poets for its intimate character, Lake Orta is now a real haven for romantic souls. A peaceful setting enveloped by dark-green woodlands and cordoning off the very peculiar, medieval village of Orta San Giulio, built on a small island right in the middle of the lake.

Reasons why

5 reasons to get married on Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta

Art, culture, sports and romance. If any of this sounds like you, then you've come to the right page. Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta set in the Italian Lake District are champions in offering something as unique as their generous native backdrop and spread a contagious joie de vivre to whomever ventures to the lake shores, and heads further to the artful islands.

If you are still undecided, here are five good reasons to choose either Lake Maggiore or Lake Orta for your Italian wedding.


The Islands

Here's a great reason we always mention to our couples. A place like Lake Maggiore is a beautiful opportunity to experience the joys of a luxurious past on your own skin. The lake is in fact home to a group of three small islands and two islets lying off the shores of the lakeside town of Stresa. These little marvels of lush land showcase flamboyant-style family villas who once belonged to the noble Borromeo family. Isola Bella is quite certainly the most impressive of the islands, and even features exotic trees, grandieuse Baroque statues and extravagant pieces of art and period furniture. For our plant lovers, we recommend a visit worth its while to Isola Madre, the largest of the Borromean islands. In here you will be taken aback by the famous botanical garden of English design, one of the most ancient in the whole country enlisting blooming azaleas and camellias next to hundred-year-old trees. For a more down-to-earth experience, hop on Isola dei Pescatori. Being the only one without fancy palaces, here you can actually enjoy the quietness like a local, and try out one of their special seafood dishes in the many quality restaurants of the area, what proved to be a popular choice to host wedding receptions.


Boating around the lake

We think that the way to familiarise faster with these two incredible gifts of the Italian mother nature is without a doubt by jumping on a boat. Not only can you appreciate the beauty of these two locations in its entirety, but you can mostly sit back, relax and feel the breeze through your hair while taking shots of the Borromean islands, Isola San Giulio, and the many other pretty sights. Private boat tours are always fully customizable and romantic sunset cruises just in time for the aperitif are a wonderful way to bond with your group and enjoy the moment.  



An easy 90 minute train ride from Milan, Stresa is a true lucky find for our couples. Perfect de-stress destination by the shores and offering stunning views of Lake Maggiore in all directions, including the surrounding Alps. This town of great cultural interest is blessed with a mild climate, setting the perfect stage for a romantic stroll or a wine-sipping afternoon in the outdoor verandas. From here, you can take one of the shuttle serviced ferry to the islands, or opt for a tranquil walk around town, and fill your eyes with architectural beauty and green lush of the many private gardens decorating the place. Alternatively, you can get on a funicular to climb up the stunning mountain-chain framing the lake and tease your senses with the view from the top. A favourite destination for elegant events, Stresa features a wide range of classy wedding venues and hotels perfect to let you and your guests enjoy an authentic golden vibe.


Outdoor living 

The Lake District is an inviting destination and easy accessway to the natural world of the Italian Alps, of which the majestic Mount Mottarone deserves a special mention. For those who will reach the top trekking the whole route or taking the funicular, the awaiting prize will be a big one. This mountain is in fact a perfect spot to also admire the Swiss Alps and all of the 6 lakes spreading out across the valleys. This experience will leave you amazing stories to share with your friends and family on your return home, and great picture shots of the uspoilt nature and waterfalls liveling up the environment. Little tip for the adventurous hearts: paragliding and parasailing across the whole district can be incredibly fun to entertain your group.


Orta San Giulio

Your heart will be stolen by this magical place, known to history as a favorite reatreat for artists and literates. When you are introduced to the little fishing village of Orta San Giulio, you'll pinch yourself once or twice to ensure this fairy like place is indeed real, not just a dream. Cobblestone streets, frescoed facades, outdoor cafes: this is a small part of what you can expect from such a unique place. An atmosphere unlike any other, of much needed silence and proof of its own artistic pathos. This little town will have you wondering who could live here? what is it like to live in such a small urban environment? 

The venue for legal weddings in Orta San Giulio is ideally located next to the town piazza, that our couples can also reach by boat, giving it the extra romantic touch, as we have witnessed for many of our weddings.


Foodie Guide

The chef's specials on Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta tell us the tale of a magical land, where lake and mountains once met and from that day on, never let go of each other. Both lakes have a deeply rooted connection with fish-focused dishes and rich meats. Surprise surprise, the surrounding landscape is factor number one for what Italians cook and put on the table around here. From the fresh waters we rate the European perch as the sex symbol of Lake Maggiore, and the signature dish of many regional restaurants when paired with risotto. Super recommended to our happy couples, of course. Don't forget, rice holds onto its staple food status, so you will see it listed more than pasta as a main in the menus, for its big role in the economy of the lake for over 5 centuries. Meaty dishes are of extreme importance for the residents' diets, especially when it comes to game meat, with boar and venison counting among the most exquisite local delicacies. Mamma mia! With this in mind, try to picture the countless combinations available when drawing up your wedding menu.

Here are a few cheesy tips for a classy touch: serve the Bettelmatt or the tasty Ossolano d’Alpe with some local honey at your welcome aperitif, it'll blow everyone's minds. And if you want to include something for the carnivores of the group, speciality cured meats like the certified mortadella di Ossola, raw ham and violini di capra (cured goat’s leg) from the Vigezzo Valley are a must eat. At the lakes, everything is real farm-to-table quality, so your success is guaranteed.

Don't miss

Risotto con pesce persico, casseula, panissa/paniscia, gnocchi di castagne, toma del mottarone, Borromei di Stresa, Fugascina di Mergozzo


The Lakes in a glass

Back in the 17th century Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta boasted a rich production of high-quality wines. VIPs at the time such as St Carlo Borromeo, known as Pio IV when he later became Pope, a refined wine connaisseur, was one of many who set their eyes on this special farming area. Things changed drastically in the 20th century when many areas of both lakes became residential, and part of the land was converted into Italian-style gardens. Vineyard size was greatly reduced and wine production decreased. The inversion in the trend of recent years has luckily caused the wine-making to regain strength on a local, and national level. 

Sebuino is a great organic red wine with a fruity and floral bouquet, and admired for its full-bodied texture, just what you want throughout dinner. Verboso red wine is rich and palatable and Verboso white wine is a great choice for fish and poultry-centred dishes, but equally excellent for aperitifs. The exquisite local red grape vine Nebbiolo and the still red wine Prime Nebbie, with its intense aroma and its red fruit hints are excellent high-quality wines for your wedding list and unmissable if you plan on a wine degustation for your group. 

RECOMMENDED WINES: Ghemme Docg, Nebbiolo, Prunent, Nouv Bruschett, Cà d'Matè, Sebuino, Primenebbie, Amaro Mottarone, Grappa Rossi d'Angera.


The Lakes are art

The Borromean islands are a treasure of real artistic beauty. The quite unique garden designs, the imposing architecture, the valuable works of art elegantly placed inside the palaces are of the utmost artistic and cultural interest. It comes as no surprise to know that the enchanting beauty of the lakes served as a major inspiration for artists and poets from all over the world. Hemingway and Charles Dickens both fell in love with these places. It was on the shores of Lake Maggiore that Verdi composed the notes of its celebrated Aida and Flaubert called it a real Garden of Eden. Indulge in a day of art and real Italian beauty by taking a tour of the local churches, and gasp in awe in front of the hundreds of frescoes. Make some mindful memories around the historic buildings with your loved ones.

Great artists inspired by Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta

  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Charles Dickens
  • Stendahl
  • Flaubert
  • Giuseppe Verdi
VIP Weddings

Celebs who got hitched at the Lakes

The mystically quiet atmosphere that can be enjoyed quite exclusively on Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta makes every wedding extra special. Among the most renowned celebrity wedding that took place on Lake Maggiore, one cannot forget of the most glamorous society weddings that Europe has seen. We are talking about Beatrice Borromeo, the beautiful daughter of an Italian count and Pierre Casiraghi, the grandson of Grace Kelly.

The reception and religious ceremony that followed a civil ritual hosted at the Grimaldi Residence in Monaco months before, was held on the islands owned by the Borromeo family on Lake Maggiore. The party afterwards counted some 600 guests joining the couple on the island of Rocca d’Angera. Nothing short of spectacular, where haute-couture gowns and sparkling jewellery tuned in perfectly with the magical atmosphere the lake set out for such a lavish occasion.

Italian wedding curiosities

The Wedding Rings. The circle is the symbol of the sun, love, the earth, the universe and perfection. It is worn on the left third finger because of an ancient Greek belief that a vein from that finger goes directly to the heart.

Fashion and style

Lake Maggiore's got talent

The elegance of the villas and the classy atmosphere you breathe at Lake Maggiore make it a favorite for the world of fashion. Being not far from the trend-setter centers of Milan and Turin, and the plentitude of gorgeous venues have brought the crowds of the Italian elite over here to attend quite a number of glamorous events for decades. And for those who are not on the guest list, the lake remains a hot destination to rest up after investing a weekend of shopping in the boutiques of Via Monte Napoleone in Milan. 

Learn from Italians how to do life.

Celebrities who have a house on Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta

  • Donatella Versace, celebrated fashion designer
  • Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's former Prime Minister

What we do

How we make it work

Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta are certainly among the most breathtaking and exclusive wedding destinations of the Italian North, suited to enjoy peace and quiet on a classy backdrop. 

Choosing the right setting for such a special day is of the outmost importance. We will help you with finding your venue where vision, vibe and logistics just fit right. Having expert local advice to count on makes the planning a lot more enjoyable and productive, with the guarantee that we will oversee every detail. Our success rate is also due to the strong relationships that we have built with local suppliers and vendors. Right from the start, we will be by your side every step of the way, until the last day of the event. 

How can you be sure that the event will go smoothly? By hiring us, your onsite coordinator who will take care of things on the ground. We make it our mission to give you and your guests an unforgettable experience. Plus, we love helping you put together special ideas and fun activities for your group, with the support of our in-house travel department.