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Till death do us part

In over two decades of work we have had the opportunity to take a virtual tour around the globe and learn about many different cultures only by meeting people and organising their weddings. Whether it's a legal ceremony, a religious or a symbolic function - otherwise named humanist - so much of two people's cultural heritage is engrained in a wedding event.

Organising and coordinating your event takes time and a great level of care, and our first focus as your planners is always to ensure we draw up your ceremony just the way you wish it will happen. We will openly talk about the requirements and special conditions needed for the ceremony of your choice, and we will discuss potential complications. It's not rare that couples switch to a different type of service in course of action due to delays, or difficulties in getting ahold of the necessary documents. What is of primary importance remains the level of satisfaction and calm of our couples while making their choices - that's why we sit by their side as advisors, leaving a healthy distance between us and them to not weigh too much on their decisions.

We have planned interreligious weddings between Protestant and Catholic, Jewish and Muslims, hosted traditional Jewish ceremonies, witnessed Hindu rituals and arranged Orthodox nuptials. We have accompanied couples getting hitched on boats, in wonderful green gardens or mystic castles and we serviced them as coordinators, celebrants, witnesses and interpreters so with us, you are fully covered

Let us take you through the optional ceremonies so you can make an informed decision before your I dos.

Religious services

Have a holy matrimony

In addition to the spiritual meaning it carries, a religious matrimony is also a perfect opportunity to celebrate a marriage in a stunning framework like one of the hundreds beautiful churches that Italy is home to. The charisma of the frescoes adorning the walls is magnetic. The sacred paintings and the mystical glass artwork, the marbles and bronze statues, the intricate mosaics, and the incredible architecture, hard to resist! 

At times, new couples think that because our agency sits in a Catholic country, we only plan Catholic functions. Of course, these represent a good percentage in our work, but we are here to declare that we have planned weddings of various faiths since we first started, and have built a solid network of collaborators along the way, to make these ceremonies happen. Everyone is very welcome at WeddingItaly.

Check out our Paperwork section where you will find useful hints on the documents required for your wedding. We'll fill you in on the details and make sure everything is dealt with at the right time. Each situation is reviewed by us individually, so please understand that in this section we have only marked the general papers needed, and more, or less forms might be required.

By Italian law

Civil wedlock

Legally binding functions are very common in Italy, especially for couples from other countries. If to some, these weddings may seem a little impersonal or dry, just know that Italian civil ceremonies are always held in beautifully designed town halls showing off  exquisite antiques and tapestries, alongside other artistic masterpieces. 

Beauty and aesthetics are a high priority even in legal frameworks. 

Some civil weddings are officiated in lovely outdoor locations under local government supervision. The choices available for your civil service are nearly endless and the locations truly irresistible. Popular choices include castles, city palaces, country villas, gardens, luxurious hotels, and even vineyards.

Visit our Paperwork section to read more about the necessary requirements, and email us any questions or doubts you might have regarding the subject. 

If you didn't know, now you know:

  • civil ceremonies can be largely customised with readings, music and other additions 
  • if your budget is smaller, a civil rite at the town hall is less impactful on your finances
  • these ceremonies can be quite informal and simple, if you're not after any fuss

Quick fix

Symbolic or humanistic

These types of rituals are perfect if you are not a fan of churches, and prefer a ceremony that you can totally design around your vision and preferences.

Symbolic dos typically occur after a couple had a civil wedding elsewhere, leaving the official signing as a more private matter behind closed doors, and focusing on the symbolic wedding to celebrate the union with their loved ones. This option can include many traditional practices and family rituals, so it really is fully designed around you as a couple. In addition, no paperwork is needed for this step and we will provide you with a celebrant, unless one of your close family is volounteering to do it.

Why don't you head over to our Venues section and see which one of our partnered locations can be the place where your dreams meet reality?


En plein air

Outdoor vows

Considering the Italian sunny climate and the wedding season tipically covering the summer months, al fresco weddings are certainly a big favorite for couples booking with us. At present, only a small percentage of authorised venues can officiate weddings outdoors, if your head is set on a civil ceremony. Alternatively, symbolic nuptials are a concrete possibility in almost all our partnered venues. 

Hyper romantic, with great natural lighting for your photos, less formal and more easily customisable, a garden wedding is a true tale of fairies.


It's never too late

Renewal of vows

WeddingItaly helps couples of all ages, gender and faiths. We love LOVE and therefore keep our doors fully open to all requests, which includes renewal of vows, too. Some couples didn't have a chance of a big, fancy wedding the first time around, but dreams have no expiry date. We have had the privilege to plan ceremonies of this kind, and make couples feel as if they were saying 'I do' all over again.

Some parents or in laws felt the call to take this step, after experiencing the emotions through their children's event in Italy... weddings really do magic!

Who is officiating?


Bring your own or trust us in selecting the right person for the job. We work with a pretty extensive list of celebrants, priests, pastors and rabbis so unless you are taking your family Padre to officiate your rite, or have one of your closed ones guiding the ceremony, we will put you in contact with one of our own. 

Either way, you will be greatly looked after.