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Reasons why

5 reasons to have your wedding in Venice

Candlelight restaurants, gondolas, countless bridges offering you a chance to stop and stare at the water, the view, the marvel that is Venice.

Many cities in the world are crossed by charming canals and fight for the title of most romantic atmosphere, but Venice sits effectively at the top of every possible chart. It is unique and irreplaceable, which often resonates with couples on the lookout for a place to celebrate their love.

If you are still undecided, here are five good reasons to choose Venice for your Italian wedding.


A real-life painting of canals and bridges

The beauty of Venice lies in the romantic atmosphere that the water creates around the floating city. Venice was built entirely on the water to protect the local inhabitants from the invasion of the barbarians. There are 150 canals crossing the city, and a total of 417 bridges, can you imagine a more scenic view than this one?! The real symbol of Venice has always been the Rialto Bridge which crosses the Canal Grande at its narrowest point and is the perfect spot to admire the hustle and bustle of the city of water. Just think how many people in history have already been on this path, and you'll get goosebumps.

No less famous and just as beautiful is the Bridge of Sighs, a landmark of exquisite craftsmanship. Visitors can get the best view of this white Istrian stone bridge from the comfortable seats of a gondola, best way to treat your new spouse on your wedding getaway. 


Holy Venice

When people reach Venice, via train or water taxi, they all come with a first big wish: walking to the central and most iconic area of town. St Mark's Square is the real beating heart of Venice. Absolutely majestic, the square is bordered on two sides by striking neo-classical buildings with arcades on the ground floor housing attractive shops and restaurants. Our tip for you so you can feel like you belong, is to sit at one of the outdoor tables in the Piazza and sip on a hot espresso or a Bellini cocktail.

The beauty of this scene does not end here. Walk towards the water and you will have the sight of the Basilica and the San Marco belltower. So many art treasures are hidden in the churches of this city, making the hunt for your favorite trophies way more exquisite.

Framing the picture of such glorious aesthetics is the Basilica Santa Maria Della Salute with its gleaming white stones. What an impressive celebration of the Baroque grandeur with its unique octagonal shape and the rich external decoration.



Looking for a little luxe is an absolute must when it comes to weddings.

You want your guests to talk about it for years to come, and you are looking for the right place to make this happen. Venetian style is synonym for grandeur and extravagance. Just think of the films you have seen portraying the lavish masked balls.

Venice has a very unique decorative aura which emanates exotic glamour from the Far East. We have Marco Polo's travels to China to thank for the amazing influence the Silk Road had on the way interiors were decorated. Oriental textiles and fabrics gave Venice a whole new magnetic presence.

Take the Venetian grand salons, golden trimmings and incredble frescoes, walls covered with drapes and heavy uphostery in silk, damask, velvet... you get the picture, right? If you gotta do it, do it right. Get married in Venice. 


Take your bride on a gondola ride

When too many tourists do the same thing, it's deemed "overrated". This time is different.

Nothing beats the beauty of Venice when boating on the Canals. It's to do with the fact that you are looking at the city with the distance of a spectator, but close enough to know that it's all real. Magical. Then why not cross the water in the traditional and super iconic gondolas? They happen all day long and the whole setting is just too romantic to refuse. 

Each gondola holds up to 6 people, so enjoy a private ride just you and your other half, or offer to take your parents or closed ones on a real old-fashioned spin.


Spritz with a view

Stile Italiano means many things. Slow living, great appreciation of life's pleasures, elegance, family, food, and ... aperitivo. Sipping on a drink at sunset is not just about romance. For Italians, it's a ritual. Get the whole experience by ordering the local Aperol Spritz or a Bellini cocktail at dusk and feast on the mouth watering food offered with it. The sun quietly going down on the lagoon, the sky taking on a pink tint. Poetic. 

After all, Italians do it better.


Wine and Dine

There is so much that you can discover about a city from its food and wine tradition.

Sure, you can find out about Venice's history through its incredible buildings and art, but believe us if we say that the Venetian cuisine can share all kinds of secret from the city's past. Since the beginning of times and because of its geographical position, Venice took on the role of commercial gateway with the East. It was this communication channel that allowed many typical products of the Orient, like spices and rice, to be introduced into the European market. Don't be surprised if in this area of the Italian Peninsula, risotto is often replacing other pasta dish options.

In a city where the roads are made of water, the streets are called calli and the local piazzas are referred to as campi, the food culture is so peculiar that even Italians from other regions have to learn the process. Start your aperitif ritual by hitting the local bars, or bacari in Venetian dialect. Halfway through a tavern and a pub, this is where traditionally prices are low and you order your wine or the famous wine spritzer, and get to taste the finger-licking cicheti. No need for cutlery, these are the real ancestors of finger food. 

Land of wealthy merchants and dukes, the culture of fine wine has also been very central on the island. Venetians have always looked with interest at the wine-food pairings just as seriously as people do with love matching and oh dear, do they know how to do it!

From Michelin star restaurants to local markets around Rialto, old school bacari and the kosher tradition, take inspiration from the menus of the island to bring this incredible variety of food and wine heritage to your wedding table.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Malvasia, Bardolino, Prosecco, Raboso, Recioto, Soave, Valpolicella, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Chardonnay.

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The Arts

Venice is Art

The city of Venice is a work of art in itself. In the 18th century, Venice was one of the most important arts and culture centers in the world. This was the time when the Republic of Venice used to be known as Serenissima, a serene and peaceful land where art and beauty could thrive.

Renowned painters, sculptors, and architects gave life to the romantic cityscape we can still admire today.

Great artists in Venice

  • Bellini
  • Tiziano
  • Tintoretto
  • Tiepolo
  • Palladio
  • Canaletto
  • Antonio Canova
  • Goldoni
  • Giorgione
  • Mantegna
VIP Weddings

Celebs who got hitched in Venice

It was in Venice that George Clooney married Amal Almauddin with a luxury 5-day event and insane VIP guest list from Hollywood. Venice was where Lady Gaga had also planned to tie the knot with former partner and manager Christian Carino before their engagement was called off. And from the world of sports, the city of canals was also the setting of the famous marriages of tennis player Ana Ivanovic and the Real Madrid football player Alvaro Morata, both photographed as they sailed off on a water taxi after their 'I do's' to the respective partners.

For our fans of cinema and extravagant events, Salma Hayek notoriously chose to host her wedding reception here after marrying French businessman François-Henri Pinault with a memorable Venetian Masquerade Ball.

Italian wedding curiosities

Bridal flowers and bouquet. In ancient times bouquets were made with herbs and spices because it was thought that strong-smelling herbs would ward off and drive away evil spirits, bad luck and ill health. Garlic and chives were also popular for the same reason. During Victorian times, flowers took on an additional significance, due to the fashion of the flower language. The bouquet was considered a symbol of happiness. Today the practice of tossing the bouquet is a derivative of throwing the garter. The single woman who catches the bouquet is believed to be the next to marry.

Fashion and Style

Venice's got talent

For centuries, the Republic of Venice held a reputation of glamour and savoir vivre. This is the land where light entertainment still go hand in hand with fashion parades and queer standards of beauty. Fancy masquerade balls of the past went famous worldwide, and this legacy of Venetian style can still be joyfully re-lived at Carnival every year. 

The city's talents are not exclusive to its quirks. The elegance of noble women from the Renaissance until today is a much discussed topic in fashion circles.

First it was all about the lustrous brocade, lace, and silk gowns. Now it is around the chance of attending a Venetian masquerade. Recurring high-profile events like the Carnival in February and the September International Film festival are where we get to witness the most beautiful outfits and trends walking the streets of the floating city with pride and a smile.

Celebrities who have a house in Venice

  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, movie stars
  • Elton John, musician
  • Leonardo di Caprio, movie star
What we do

How we make it work

It all started here, in Venice. This is where our dream began.

The first weddings we arranged back in 1999 took place in the very city of Love. We know all the secret corners of this city and everything there is to know to make the best of your special day. Our head quarters are located 1.5 hours away from central Venice, so we can quickly be on site to ensure every detail is fixed to perfection.

We have planned more than 200 weddings in Venice and worked with the most note-worthy palaces and hotels to go the extra mile and make your big day absolutely magical. Our mission is to ensure you live a memorable experience, and do it comfortably with the help of our in-house travel agency. We will be with you at every step of the plan and we will counsel you on the more puzzling decisions. We promise you, you will feel reassured at every moment. 

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