Italian Wedding Villas

Breathtaking villas for weddings in Italy

Our selection of beautiful villas to get married includes the best Italian wedding villas

An Italian wedding villa is often a preferred choice for most international couples looking to get married in Italy. There are many options and different styles. Starting from the area and region, Villas were built with different architectures. Among the best in Italy, villas in Tuscany are celebrated and chosen as the backdrop for some of the most outstanding weddings planned.  Our preferred selection of the best villas for weddings in Tuscany is filled with suggestions and options. Among the most iconic, are Villa San Michele, Villa Gamberaia, Villa dei Medici, Villa Le Fontanelle, and Villa di Maiano.

Villas for weddings on the Amalfi Coast are luxury venues for those who love sea views. The villas featuring dazzling views of the sea are mostly located on the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Sorrento, in addition to Sicily or the Italian Riviera. These venues are suitable for high-end luxury weddings in Italy and you can get inspired by some of the Italian weddings we planned in our real weddings section.

Nevertheless, romantic and iconic, a wedding in a historical palace in Venice, Florence or Rome is for those wishing to include a touch of noble aristocracy and charme on their wedding day. Palaces are tremendously beautiful and rich in history and luxury. You can choose to get married in Venice in traditional Venetian costumes and transfer the belle epoque of the richest city in the world within your celebrations.

Do not forget Lake Como villas, weddings we love to plan with a long and specific experience to work with the most iconic and renowned venues such as Villa D'Este, Villa Erba, Villa Balbiano, Villa Como, Villa Vittoria, Villa del Lago, Villa Regina, and the most luxurious hotels. Lake Como is WEDDINGITALY as much as WEDDINGITALY is Lake Como, especially when dealing with these unique, prestigious and luxury villas where every little corner hides either a surprise or a treat! Contact us to let us get involved from the early stages of your wedding planning and get the best of it.

Italian wedding villas are a particularly good choice for small weddings as well, whenever you choose to reserve a villa with rooms to stay overnight. We have planned romantic villa weddings in Italy with just of few guests in the most luxurious and charming venues adding special details and romantic decorations in our Stile Italiano.