Five Star Hospitality for your Reception in Todi


Country-chic weddings in a deluxe resort in Umbria

Located on a hilltop at 10 minutes from Todi city centre, this venue offers a wonderful 360 degree opening to the bucolic landscape typical of Umbria. The 14th century manor house was constructed on ancient architectural remains of Etruscan origin, of which an ancient well bears witness.

Permeated by the warm welcoming athmosphere of its antique and luxurious furnishings, this world of art and history is all that you need, and wish for for a relaxing, tasteful wedding weekend on the central hills of Italy.

Outfitted with stone and terracotta rooms decorated by nature-inspired frescoes, old-school fireplaces and tapestries, the main building has a lovely bright light and inviting spaces indoors and outdoors where one can sit back and let off all their worries.


Event options for your day

The pool is the perfect window on the charming scenario of this hilly land, and a favorite spot for our couples to host lively welcome cocktails and parties before, and after the wedding time. The outdoors is your best bet if you are planning a symbolic ceremony. There's a chef onsite who can cater to large groups seated in the colourful gardens on a long table style-arrangement for a party that will carry on through the early hours of the day.

The chapel onsite allows for catholic ceremonies to be officiated on the grounds, but any legal paperwork has to be signed off in town.


  • 8 rooms and 4 beautiful suites
  • up to 150 guests
  • 2 hours away from Rome airport
  • a spa and wellness centre
  • an outdoor jacuzzi
  • a zoo park
  • a restaurant onsite
  • outdoor pool, tennis court and gym

2500 acres of wonderland

The tranquil surroundings invite guests to fully switch to a laid-back mode and pay attention to the beautiful examples displayed by nature during a gentle walk in the rows of a vineyard, admiring the olive groves, or the more faraway artificial lakes and woodlands. From here, as you look out at the verdant hills contouring the property you can spot Todi, a centre which preserves a strong medieval atmosphere, a very fine hill town overlooking the glorious countryside and strategically shaped by narrow lanes and staircases. Todi boasts some recognisable Renaissance and Baroque influences, so take a moment to appreciate the town’s wealth of churches and resplendent palaces.

Good to know:

  • 8 km > Todi
  • 38 km > Spoleto
  • 63 km > Assisi
  • 50 km > Perugia
  • 72 km > Lake Trasimeno
  • 126 km > Rome
  • 155 km > Macerata
  • 170 km > Ancona
  • 219 km > Grosseto
Recreational activities

Too much to choose from

Vacation time can be fully customised around your needs and cravings, and planning can get particularly easy around here with such a big variety of options on the grounds. Everything you'll be offered to do, and be curious to engage with will somehow be connected with 'relaxation'. Guests have confessed to  moments of regenerating enjoyment while walking in the silent hours after sunrise, or exploring the grounds on a rented mountain bike. Once you get to this corner of heaven there will be no more excuses, or postponing the 'me/us time'. 

Book a class of stretching or yoga in the wellness centre, or try something you never would have guessed before, like skeet shooting. For the ones chasing a bit more adventure, the estate takes you to a nearby park where you can jump on a raft and descend the river fighting the currents - it's a great team activity, and couples who have the daredevil gene love to experiment crazy things together. 

Keep busy with:

  • visiting an olive mill in Montefalco
  • e-biking from Spello to Assisi
  • the fossil forest of Dunarobba
  • a foodie tour of Norcia
  • paragliding on Monte Cucco
  • a day in one of the villages market
  • an educational tour in the Leo wild park on the property