Scenic Cliffside Hotel near Sorrento


Say 'I do' in this amazing frame of natural beauty

Set on a hillside high above the sea, close to the tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula, this romantic boutique hotel is all that you need to stage your destination wedding in Italy ensuring full privacy. The setting is truly beautiful, as you have both the Mediterranean vegetation and trees all around the property, and sweeping views of Capri, the Bay of Naples and the Vesuvius. 

Embedded in the charm of the coastline olive trees and aromatic pines, and within easy reach from the most beloved tourist attractions on the Amalfi Coast. 

This romantic Mediterranean style villa offers an intimate setting, and fashions a lovely fresh white décor, large windows and terraces from which you can enjoy stunning views of the Amalfi Coast and on clearer days, even the island of Capri on the horizon.


Event options for your day

One of the lovely terraces can be reserved for exclusive use to host your event, ceremny (symbolic) and reception.

The gourmet restaurant will ensure that the chosen menu presents rightfully a combination of colours, flavours and scents of the very best Mediterrean produce. 

Catholic and civil rituals can be officiated in the town of Massa Lubrense, few minutes away. 


  • sleeping around 30 people
  • up to 150 guests
  • 75 mins away from Naples airport
  • gourmet restaurant onsite
  • infinity pool

The land of the sirens

A buzzing hub for explorers of Campania's most chased landmarks, Sorrento is the sunny gateway to the likes of Pompeii and Naples, allowing the convenience of a day trip to Capri, and giving you acces to the Amalfi Coast and Paestum to the south. The Sorrentine Peninsula first became a popular attraction during Roman times, with emperors vacationing in sumptuous buildings which have been replaced today by modern resorts. The key around here is much focused on indulgence and life's pleasures - a trait probably inherited by their former Etruscan ancestors.  

Here's your solution to avoid the much-desired and, for this reason over-crowded Amalfi stretch of coast. The woody land separating Sorrento from Positano offers rival restaurants where booking a table will be far from a Herculian task. The rest of the peninsula fashions an eclectic mix of verdant plains, groves and beaches, colourful villages connected by tortous roads, unique views of both Naples and Salerno bays, and a wide-spreaded, uncharted perimetre waiting to be uncovered. 

Good to know:

  • 9 km > Sorrento
  • 19 km > Positano
  • 35 km > Amalfi
  • 37 km > Pompei
  • 62 km > Naples
  • 63 km > Vietri sul mare
  • 65 km > Salerno
  • 85 km > Caserta
  • 275 km > Rome
Recreational activities

Vitamin sunshine

Slow down your pace and follow the natural rhythm of life. Things that you may find boring in your daily, hectic life will take on a whole new taste when experienced in this land. A late breakfast filling your belly with the famous southern pastries rich in cream and rum flavours, endless breaks for espresso coffee shots - like they never tasted before. A peaceful sit-down lunch with your loved one/s under the pergola of the terrace, with scents of lemons and seasalt. Eating consciously and taking the time to ask each other what part of the holiday has been the most enjoyable. 

Use the afternoon to rest under the shade of the maritime pines, or even better visiting one of the elaborate churches inhabiting the town centre. 

Catch the sunset when the sky literally turns red as the sun prepares to dip in the glistening waters. If you're lucky, you might even get a romantic soundtrack played by one of the many street musicians impersonating the very known melodic canzone napoletana.

Keep busy with:

  • a walk along the path of lemons
  • visiting Ravello and enjoy the sea views from Terrazza dell'Infinito
  • a tons of selfies in Atrani
  • a hike in the Valle delle Ferriere national park, above Amalfi
  • a kayak tour of the coast
  • discovering the fjord of Furore
  • a Positano boat tour