Farmhouse with Views of the Collio Wine Region

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Wed in the homeland of great aperitif wines for a spectacular reception

A 17th century wedding venue set high on a verdant hill looking onto the beautiful Collio wine region, this wine estate comes with a rural chic decor and striking views of the famous eastern hillside stretching out to neighbouring Slovenia.

Offering comforts and different activities on the grounds, and around the villa like a golf course to entice your guests in search of some playful times.


Event options for your day

This romantic farmhouse offers the advantage of indoor and outdoor spaces modeled for the different moments of your wedding reception. 

A beautiful lush parkland wrapped around the property, an elegant salon as an excellent back-up plan in case of bad weather. Wedding receptions can be catered by an external service of your choice, with the support of your wedding planner. The location also includes a beautiful inner courtyard and two large panoramic terraces set on the former ramparts of the villa’s historical building.

Ideally modeled for outdoor symbolic ceremonies, while civil and religious weddings can be arranged in the nearby town of Cormons, only 30 minutes away.


  • 6 bedrooms onsite 
  • up to 150 guests
  • 55 mins from Trieste airport
  • panoramic terraces on the hillside 
  • metal gazebo to officiate ceremonies outdoors

Welcome to the Collio region

A highlight of stunning wines growing on beautiful terroir, old recipes and fine art being passed down for generations, this area is without a doubt a tribute to a multi-cultural crossroads extending over bright and sunny hills, slopes and landscape terraces. Tucked into the far northeast corner of Italy, this land is known worldwide for the strong properties of the white grapevines thriving in the fertile environment. 

A very strategic intersection where one can admire the beauty of the hillside, from within the border or outside, but also a panoramic point spotting the Adriatic Sea far, on clear days. The area is filled with scents of fermented grapes and the freshness of the woodland around, populated by a wild list of animals, herbs and indigenous plants.

Good to know:

  • 7 km > Gorizia
  • 16 km > Gradisca d'Isonzo
  • 33 km > Cividale del Friuli
  • 37 km > Palmanova
  • 46 km > Grado
  • 55 km > Trieste
  • 92 km > Portoroz (Slovenia)
  • 142 km > Venice
  • 394 km > Milan
Recreational activities

Hop over to Slovenia

A real green haven, a small and relatively new country full of natural wonders with the highest rate of protected land in the world, en par with Venezuela, famous for its beautiful landscapes and mountain scenery. Beauty is not limited to the surface as there is a whole underground world waiting to be discovered with a total of 8,000 caves, of which 20 are made safe and accessible to visitors including Postojna Cave, a 2 million year old cave and one of the most visited attractions in the country. Slovenia is a homey shelter for the largest brown bear populations in Europe thanks to the big environmental efforts made by the local government helping to raise the numbers to more than 1,000 animals after World War I. Book a bear watching tour during which you can venture deep inside the forests. 

Bees and vines are what locals love doing in their spare time. Slovenians are in fact big fans of their own wine and keep it mostly for themselves, but they are also avid beekeepers - a great idea for a tasty souvenir or wedding favour for your friends back home. 

Keep busy with:

  • sampling local wines
  • hiking the trails in the Slovenian hills
  • a day visit to Lubjiana