Elegant Historic Villa

An intricate combination of legacy, elegance and luxurious comfort

A marvelous historic property built in 17th century, this splendid villa is located in the very heart of the city of Genoa, known in the past as 'the superb'. Why not jump at the chance of some quality time spent in this very active city, a real, living, working city. Genoa stands in fact as a contrast with the more relaxed, pictoresque locations lined up along the Italian Riviera. With a much more authentic city vibe, you and your group can explore the double nature of this maritime centre which birthed many famed Italian poets and musicians. 

Nothing short of spectacular, this estate comprises a huge park just behind the main building, and great city views from the front facade. The presence of a garden makes space for quiet, recharging time after a day finalising your last wedding details, or sightseeing around town. Adorned by an elegant design and blessed with a very generous nature, you may want to option the idea of an outdoor event right here… Style, subtle elegance, great quality and attention to detail. Setting your wedding around these four pillars will ensure your reception is a real success!


Originally built upon request of a noble Genoese family, the villa has an irresistible elegant feeling. It may be because of the luxurious halls, or perhaps the historic frescoes decorating the building, but everything in this property looks like a touch of magic. Not to mention the balconies and the view over Genoa, visit them at night with your loved one and it'll all be super poetic. 

If you find the garden gorgeous during the daytime, wait until the sun goes down and the lights are lit. This patch of green transforms itself in the most romantic environment where our happy couples have celebrated their first dance under a sky lit up by personalised fireworks. Let's talk numbers: the contiguous gazebo becomes a charming setting to host an electrifying wedding party en plein air for a very large group, and the main building can hold up to 260 persons seated inside. Book a sky call with us and ask for more details about this incredible lieu.