Grand Palace by the Beach and that's Amore!


Dean Martin's masterpiece coming to life in this wonderful wedding location in Southern Campania 

This estate is a sophisticated Period Residence placed by the beautiful Southern coastline, and celebrated wedding location for its glam and unique location. 

It is located less than 2 hours from Naples International Airport, south of the magical Amalfi Coast, in an unspoiled corner of Italy which used to be a former colony of Magna Graecia, the latin corresponde of 'Greater Greece'.


Whether you fancy a relaxing time or are more of a hyper-active visitor, this venue has a magnetic appeal across all generations and seasons. 

The Palace and the adjoining Edoardo's House occupy three wings of the main building circluling the courtyard, while a short walk from the Palazzo, in a more secluded part of the gardens, you will fin the more modern and informal Villa.

As you drive through the gates and pass through the archway and into the blooming courtyard, the Palace will already work its magic. This venue presents the perfect blend between established tradition and modern comfort. The fabolous garden is a hidden treasure and leads the path to the small strand in front of the property.

Accommodation and other useful tips

This venue is perfect to host high-end events with a bit of luxury and contemporary feeling, spanning over a 3 day weekend wedding. 

The palace is located at walking distance from the main small town, a little Italian fishing village, and there are several other venues on the beach or uphill that we suggest for a welcome party, next day brunch or other special moments to share with your loved ones.