Liberty style Villa on the Italian Riviera

Enjoy the ornamental setting of this  historic villa

A splendid historic residence in Liberty-style recently converted into main stage for wonderful weddings all year long. Let go of restrictive traditions and follow the theme of this great architectural piece of Art Nouveau. The building is a tribute to the joyous, curvy lines that make life a lot more pleasurable, as the manifesto of Italian way of living would also subscribe. Here's your chance to do life a little more freely and take advantage of this setting to ornate your special day with such graceful motifs. Extending around the villa is a large garden area offering our couples the big advantage of relaxing outdoors and taking a nice, calming walk in the midst of their frantic wedding preparations. The small landscape, the fountains and fish tanks will help you connect with each other and live more in the moment, even when that moment is filled with stress. 

Quite a few couples have taken the lead in using the garden as their setting for an outdoor ceremony, or reception. Having multiple options to arrange and re-arrange your day can come in handy when, as we all know it, the weather factors in a lot in how successful an event turns out. 

Two other important pluses are represented by the Orangery located in the English style garden and from which the views of the Ligurian Gulf are truthfull magic and the in-house restaurant catering to our groups with delicious local specialties, sourced with the care and attention that only Italian restaurateurs possess in this wonderful Land. 

This property will take you and your spouse into your new life chapter feeling confident and satisfied. 

For those of you searching for a versatile setting to match with a classy, organic wedding theme this villa is your long awaited destination. Sit back and enjoy the sea breeze while we oversee the last final details.