San Domenico Palace, Four Seasons


A wedding gem far from any common places

Reality turns into an ancient fairy tale made of vivid sunlight rays, light sea breezes, scents of citrus. The cordial hospitality of the hotel’s antique walls, the elegance of the spacious ballrooms, a manicured garden, flowers of vivacious colours giving shape to a mosaic, embellished table linen, the old silverwear with noble tones, glimmering candles, your rich and sumptuous wedding buffet held at the starred restaurant Principe Cerami. 

This is a much realistic picture of what is waiting for you at this location. A setting of rare magic, the perfect place to share joy and precious emotions with your loved ones.


The palace has since become the most famous monastery-hotel in the world. An air of enchantment lingers in the spacious white corridors where for nearly five centuries friars kneeled before the altar and confided their prayers in the divine powers.
A luxury hotel inside the ancient walls where the contrast between the simplicity of its former convent life and the comfortable elegance of the current venue is extremely magnetic.