Villa Le Fontanelle


The beating heart of the Italian Renaissance 

Wrapped in the sunny Tuscan countryside and accompanied by hectares of sturdy olive groves, this legendary villa is a fantastic lookout point with scenic views on the urban masterpiece that is Florence.

Set just a few minutes away from the former city-state, the villa is far-off from the tourist hustle and bustle, a true haven of peacefulness, relaxation and quintessential elegance.

A stunning location rich in charm and history, this aristocratic abode makes the ideal setting for your Italian event in the open air, with quite a number of spaces available to stage your special day. 

The villa offers 7 elegant suites, each showing carefully refurbished styles, with their own state of the art features. The suites sport large windows and are located in the side of the building under stone vaults, or high on a panoramic tower. Additional rooms can be booked in the nearby area or in 4-star hotels in Florence. 


Event options for your day

From the fairytale Renaissance garden filled with lively ponds and bejeweled balconies, to the winter glasshouse made of an iron external structure. All spaces are carefully tended and decorated, but can be easily remodeled to fit your own wedding theme designs. The tastefully refurbished halls, decorated with Provencal style furniture reveal a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where no detail is left untouched nor left to chance.

The chapel incorporated in the estate rises from the centuries-old holm oaks of the garden, and can be used to host your symbolic or religious blessing. Garden symbolic weddings are also a favorite and can be arranged, while civil and catholic ceremonies can be officiated in the designated venues in Florence.


  • 14 sleeps in 7 suites
  • up to 200 guests indoors/outdoors
  • 7 km from Florence airport
  • 104 km from Pisa airport
  • parking spots available
  • a restaurant onsite
  • outdoor swimming pool

In the Tuscan countryside

Nothing shorter than the quintessential image of Tuscany in summertime. A gorgeous painting with lots of yellows, various shades of green, the bright blue of the skies and the red brick of the historical buildings. As you step outside the perimetre of the estate, you will be instantly recharged by the walks on the edge of the narrow country roads, looking out at cypress trees and hearing birds and crickets chirping away.

The typically drier landscape in the summer months is a limitless stretch of light green pastures, at times interrupted by hillier sections of the land, where grapes grow extra rich in flavour thanks to the vitamin sun, and the farmed portion of the terrain gifts all kinds of delicious plant produce.

Florence sits only a few minutes away from the villa and will be there, prideful, at your every turn, each time you peak, with its typical colourful tops, and artistic domes and towers.  

Good to know:

  • 43 km > Florence
  • 90 km > Siena
  • 73 km > San Gimignano
  • 55 km > Certaldo
  • 122 km > Pienza
  • 130 km > Montalcino
  • 82 km > Arezzo
  • 280 km > Rome
  • 300 km > Milan
Recreational activities

Full relax and artistic sightseeing

For a genuine experience in this beautiful frame, give yourself time to explore and enjoy the villa and every comfort it can provide. During a stressful time like the week leading up to a wedding couples complain from lack of energy and peace of mind, so be mindful to get the right amount of rest and take advantage of all the facilities built in the hotel.

A small workout in the fitness room, a swim in the pool followed by a healthy nap on the deck chairs sounds like the perfect of stress antidote in your schedule.

Or take your loved one to a private tasting in one of the nearby wineries for a romantic date before the whole gang arrives.

Keep busy with:

  • Hiking in the countryside
  • Relaxing by the pool
  • Spa and wellness centre
  • Golf
  • Wine tastings
  • Cooking classes
  • Museums in Florence