Elegant Villa facing the Gulf of Poets

Great class few metres from the sea

Wrapped tight around an immaculate, green garden and staring at the romantic Gulf of Poets, this luxury 18th century palace is the right setting for any tasteful event. The original soul of this whitewashed beauty is very much alive, so expect a strong summer holiday-house aristocratic ambience welcoming you and your guests. 

The sophisticated touch of romantic-style detailing from last century will match certainly well with the decorative set you need in your wedding photos. Our couples in the past have always confessed to how blessed they felt having encountered this stylish building, so this place surely comes highly recommended. Plentiful admiration quotes also come from more notable names like the poet Percy Shelley, who once wrote “I still inhabit this Divine Bay, reading dramas and sailing and listening to the most enchanting music”, in a letter to Lord Byron, another big fanatic of the Portovenere area. The bay protecting this rare jem is known to history as a place attracting artists, painters and writers from all over, who came here in search of inspiration and quality time with their own ideas. As night falls, the coastal land takes on an eerie atmosphere, rocks transform into monstrous figures and it is easy to see why the poets found their muse in this electrifying landscape.


Event options for your day

You'll have infinite combinations to design your event around such splendid interiors. Just imagine glassy chandeliers, original floors, high ceilings, an overall elegant feeling reminiscent of its aristocratic past inside the main building of the property. 

The large terrace was the real heart of the building housing the citrus garden, a typically Ligurian, elegant patch of green covered in cedars, lemon trees, and various types of orange trees. This is without a doubt the preferred section to host a wedding reception or a cocktail party before the big event, with guests walking the paths and reaching the natural windows overlooking the Gulf of Lerici, the Castle, and the islands.

Symbolic weddings are a viable option in this beautiful frame, as well as religious blessings. Civil and religious ceremonies can be officiated in town, just hundreds of metres from the villa. 


  • no accommodation onsite
  • up to 120 guests indoors, and 300 guests outdoors
  • 90 mins drive from Genova airport
  • media and audio equipment available 

A beauty at sunset

With an incomparable view of the Ligurian sea, this corner of rare beauty of the gulf and the nearby Cinque Terre, the Unesco heritage site that every non-Italian Italy lover knows about are a must-take opportunity.

The unique character of this land is to be found in the way settlements were boldly constructed by the sea by the local residents, aware yet dismissive of the various obstacles brought on by the rocky terrain. This trait is applicable to most of Liguria's coastline, yet it is certainly dominant in Cinque Terre. Being only accessible by trail or boat for centuries up until about 50 years ago, the protected bays show pristine waters and luxurious hills in the background, a whole picture which can be easily described as beautifully surreal.

A popular destination with hikers as it is with local sun lovers and Italophiles in general. The popularity of the Riviera due to the geographical, the rugged cliffs, bays, and coves along the Ligurian coast, the farming land on sloped hills and the protected marine area ensures you are entering a magical land.

Good to know:

  • 10 km > La Spezia
  • 23 km > Porto Venere
  • 24 km > Cinque Terre
  • 60 km > Sestri Levante
  • 70 km > Pisa
  • 105 km > Genova
  • 155 km > Florence 
Recreational activities

A wine-making national treasure

Visit the medieval villages to get a taste of the rich local history and the ever-so-present tradition. Savor the regional cuisine made of few, simple ingredients yet so flavoursome.

The view of the terraced vinyards will accompany you for a good hour or two, if you intend to cross the region westwards. Full-functioning pillar of the local economy and the product of a laborious viticulture tradition carried out tirelessly by farmers, the wine part of your visit in Liguria can be a journey in itself. The sea-facing vineyards of the Riviera have a true organic, rustic feel to them. Pay a visit to one of the family-run wineries around here to get a sense of how special this business is. Handled only in small quantities and in secret cellars by a few field workers who all know each other and care for the land and its juicy products. 

Keep busy with:

  • having a lazy day by the water
  • visiting a local restaurant for fresh caught seafood
  • testing your hiking skills on a hill trail alongside ancient vineyards
  • leaning some Italian expressions and hand gestures from locals