Love Island at Lake Maggiore

Say I do in one of the most unique locations on offer

It doesn't get more exclusive than this. This pictoresque island is for those looking for a truly magical atmosphere at the Lake. No cars just people walking and cycling around the cobblestone alleys of this mini paradise sitting right in the middle of the lake. Your only way in and out is by boat, how romantic is that?

This incredible location offers great views of the natural wilderness around and the quiet coming from the sturdy mountain chain circling the lake. 
There is certainly an abundance of charming locations to host your nuptials and get the wedding of your most romantic dreams. Everything here is done according to tradition, and is a testament to the slow living principles of the Stile Italiano, so prepare for a truly authentic time.

Plenty of accommodation options are available directly on site in one of the typical inns and will suit smaller groups or the eloping style couples looking for privacy. We strongly recommend bigger wedding groups to plan for a more practical sleeping arrangement off the island, in one of the venues sitting on the shores of the Lake, which will respond better to any kind of logistical need.