Weddings in Treviso

A destination wedding in Treviso: the heart of Italian fashion industry.

Treviso is one of the leading industrial cities of North East Italy, at only twenty minutes by train from Venice historical center. It is the home of the main fashion firms such as Benetton, Stefanel, and Diesel. Treviso is wonderful, just close your eyes and imagine: rivers crossing the ancient medieval historical center where narrow alleys cross small bridges and excellent galleries meet old palaces.

Civil weddings and Catholic ceremonies are performed on the main town squares making of a wedding charming and elegant event. There are very few Italian cities which such a rich cultural mix.

Why do couples get married in Treviso?

There are many reasons why more and more couples choose this splendid typical Venetian town as their wedding venue! First of all the charming town is located in the closest proximity to the world-renowned magnificent city of Venice. Besides, from a purely practical point of view, the town hall fee is also much lower than in Venice, which is of course very appealing especially for couples eloping to Italy.

Treviso is also one of the leading Italian cities for the number of countryside villas in the typical Venetian and Palladian style. Large weddings take often place in these incredible venues built in the mid 15th and 16th century by the wealthy families living in Venice historical center.