Weddings in Tivoli

Tivoli, Rome outskirts, and Castelli Romani area.

A charming little city less than 40 kilometers away from the liveliness of Rome, Tivoli is situated along the Aniene river, near the Great Waterfall on the western slopes of the Monti Tiburtini (quite high hills to the east of Rome). Since ancient times the town has taken advantage both of its climate and of its position as it controlled the whole traffic from and to the Abruzzi. The richness of the waters favored, over the centuries, the constructions of large architectural complexes. Now Tivoli is a point of high archaeological interest, a must to visit if you are visiting the Lazio region.

A charming site on architectural and archeological interest

The city of Tivoli is particularly renowned because of its thermal waters and magnificent villas that have been built over the centuries such for example the marvelous Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este, listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Villa D’Este, built upon request of Cardinal Ippolito D’Este, is a charming Renaissance villa with water plays, fountains and marvelous statues. Majestic and unparalleled, the fabulous garden has been the inspiration to the creation of many other large gardens in Europe. Could you think of anything more romantic for your wedding?

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