A Very Special Castle in Rome


Get that princely look for the biggest gig of your life

As a dream or as a masterpiece on oil canvas, this castle rises strong from the woods in a green area just outside Rome. This wedding venue comes with a very powerful wow factor and offers a peaceful, medieval atmosphere, mixed with classy-chic details.

There are very few castles in Italy showing such a sumptuos and luxurious feeling who can dress up your event with so much elegance.

It is among the most luxurious properties to rent for a special day and certainly gives its best in the autumn and winter months. With an event by night, the torches and candles carefully laid out on the paths will show that the magic is right there. A dramatic setting in a dream venue.


Event options for your day

In the castle there is a wide range of available areas perfectly fitting a wedding event. A courtyard and a cloister for your welcome cocktail party, the terraces to host a symbolic ceremony, the gardens with water features where you can have up to 180 guests sitting in awe sitting under the white and glass canopy outdoors. 


  • no accommodation available onsite
  • up to 80 guests indoors, 180 guests outdoors
  • 40 mins away from Rome airport
  • golf course
  • outdoor pool

Outside the city, charming hills 

The pull to spend your entire time in Rome can be retrieved by the realisation that the outskirts of the big city might just be even more fun. Castles guarding the surrounding hills, Castelli Romani, the wine roads of Frascati, the seaside beauty of Anzio and other local landmarks boasting culinary delicacies.
A perfect escape plan on a summer too hot, you can reach the green area circling the roman hub either via public transport or taxi, but it won't take long from the city centre. 

The green, protected areas constitute of the Colli Albani and the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani. Abounding with hiking trails to keep you fit and happy, after you may have visited one of the well-known local hotspots sporting delicious homemade types of charcuterie and fresh cheeses - exclusive to the area. Yes, eating here is an activity, as much as it is elsewhere around the Peninsula. 

The towns are set in a volcanic landscape; two of the original craters are nowadays filled with water, making up the lakes of Albano and Nemi. Below the peace and tranquillity you breathe in the forests, the earth is in fact seismically quite active. Over the centuries, this attraction made people flock to the area, and sulphur gas was used for thermal baths and spa locations. 

Good to know:

  • 17 km > Colosseum
  • 40 km > Frascati
  • 47 km > Ostia
  • 50 km > Tivoli
  • 54 km > Ladispoli
  • 80 km > Anzio
  • 170 km > Perugia
  • 235 km > Naples
  • 272 km > Florence
Recreational activities

Escape the summer heat

Rome is as charming, as it can be scary to tackle on a short holiday. Where to start from, how to write a priority list, what to not miss to enjoy the real mother of la dolce vita. The itinerary is not as important, since the experience will always feel like a big wave of emotions, so prepare yourself to follow this majestic flow. 

Pay attention to small customs locals live by, and try them out. Order your coffee directly at the counter by shouting the name of the coffee you want to have. It'll be fast and it'll taste intense, just like your time in this passionate country. Consume gelato at any moment of the day, taste all the flavours. It'll bring that grounding sweetness that complements perfectly a frescoed wall, a grandiose statue or a huge queue of tourists lined up for the Sistine Chapel. And it doesn't matter how often you've had gelato in your country, it will never be like this 'gelato'. With a comfortable pair of shoes you can walk kilometres, and probably avoid public transport will be a huge plus because beauty here is literally at every corner, in each little detail. Make space in your camera for tons of photos and you might even end up leveling up your skills. 

Rome is worth being experience in all its glory, its chaos, the monumental magnitude and high volumes of people speaking on the streets.

Keep busy with:

  • a ride on the glass elevator to the Vittoriano
  • a hop-on hop-off bus tour
  • a ride on an electric bike down Appian Way
  • a dish of fried artichokes at the Jewish Ghetto
  • an Angels & Demons tour following Professor Langdon
  • a stroll through the Vatican Gardens