Marianna and Chase

Southern hospitality, boat tours and Mediterranean decor to style up their wedding event

Here's a super nice couple in love coming from the land of great lakes and planes, Ohio, United States. Sweet and sunny souls, Marianna and Chase gathered a big group of loved ones, including quite a number of former college friends and colleagues, who joined their families in the celebrations. Special guest, Marianna's grandmother flying all the way from Venezuela for the occasion, a woman with a fun personality who would give anything to not miss her niña tying the knot with the love of her life. 

Italy had been on the radar for a very long time, since our bride moved temporarily to Siena for her studies and instantly felt a long-lived connection to that place.  

Here are the ins and outs of their wedding. 

Wedding planned by

The vision

Marianna and Chase's notes

Marianna's requests were quite uncomplicated, so the overall planning moved smoothly on both sides. It became quite easy for us to coordinate the three days of activities since the entire party was staying in various accommodation establishments, all in the town of Ravello, where the wedding would take place at the end of the weekend. 

We noted down that a part of the group - about 30 of their closest friends - were eager to get on a boat and tour the coastline with the classic stops in Positano and Amalfi. The tour would preferably need to make one or two stops out at sea where participants could bathe, and include a catering service on board. They were dying to try out the delicious fingerfood every blogger is boasting about.

On Day 2, the day would be left free for guests to enjoy the surroundings and explore shops and local eateries, but everyone would be gathered for dinner at the restaurant of Hotel Villa Maria. An all-white event hosted in the villa across from the wedding venue to create anticipation and get the guests tuned in with the emotions. 

Finally, on Day 3 the ceremony, which would be officiated by a dear old family friend in the afternoon at Villa Eva, in their gorgeous gardens that peek over the rocks, onto the vastness of the Mediterranean sea.

The five deal breakers for Marianna and Chase

  • Location: Florence, Amalfi or Ravello
  • Ceremony: symbolic in the afternoon
  • Venue: classic, uber elegant
  • Guests: sleeping in the town, to stay closeby
  • Side notes: big bridal party, 10 bridesmaids

The action plan

How did we pull it off

We have a long history of collaboration with Villa Eva, and tons of memories in our photo archives. And, as expected, we were very excited to be adding more special moments with this group of super nice people. The music complemented brilliantly the general style of sober elegance; the table set up filled with local flowers in the chosen colour palette for a fresh touch, made authentic by the mini bottles of locally-produced limoncello placed amongst the centerpieces.

The dances started early after dinner, in the same area that we used for the after-ceremony aperitif, and we witnessed a lot of joyful moments while people blended in with the music in this magical scenario, under the decorated trees.

A quick change of bridal outfit after the first dance, and the volume was turned up to ensure some good times before everyone walked home in the early hours.

A fantastic fiesta, indeed!