Vanessa and Elliot

The answer to your call for a sentimental experience is in Orvieto

For Vanessa and Elliot, the choice fell quite quickly on the magical grounds of Badia di Orvieto, a stunning location made special by its historic past as a monastery. We always enjoy very much to tailor experiences to the expectations and personal preference of our couples, because ultimately it's about making dreams possible for everyone. 

Our bride and groom spent two wonderful days in the warm and hospitable Umbria region to celebrate this milestone under the loving eye of friends and family, who flew from the US to attend the event. 

Many magical moments made it to the wedding journal, let's have a look together at what happened on this romantic weekend. 

Wedding planned by

The vision

Vanessa and Elliot's wedding notes

We were informed that the ceremony would be slightly different to include a couple of personal touches. First, the person officiating had been chosen by Vanessa and Elliot and was the husband of the maid of honor. And then, they were hoping to add the Jewish ritual of Tu B'Av, the breaking the glass at the end of the marriage, in honour of Elliot's familial beliefs. We love rituals, and it is a total choice in the hands of the brides and grooms whether and how to personalise the ceremony. Not our first Jewish wedding, so we agreed with enthusiasm as we knew that the stomping of the glass would end the silence in the room, and would be followed by claps and 'Mazel tovs', a sign that the people are ready to start the celebrations.

Their request for Day 1 was an all-white formal dinner party with all the guests, the much-awaited pizza time, in a restaurant in town. No late shenenigans allowed, since the following day would be a very long and emotional day.

A super classic and tasteful selection of calla lilies for the bride and bridesmaids, pure-white table linen decorated with gorgeous natural elements, rigorously in dark green, to achieve a simple and elegant look. 

In the welcome bags left for the guests in their bedrooms at the venue, the luxurious gift of local olive oil and handmande natural soap bars. 

The five deal breakers for Vanessa and Elliot

  • Location: off the tourist track, authentic
  • Ceremony: they have their own celebrant
  • Venue: exlusive rental
  • Guests: sleeping onsite
  • Side notes: focus on white, classic

The action plan

How did we pull it off

A suspected summer storm didn't ruin our preparations, nor the event itself. We could proceed with our planning, and installed a white gazebo structure outside, to allow the party to continue in case of sudden rain.

We felt that the atmosphere was very enjoyable and elegantly put together, also thanks to the musical genres opted for the day - a duo of harp and violin playing during the ceremony and follow-up aperitif time, and a contemporary band that got the guests up and dancing in no time.

Big thanks to this gorgeous couple, Vanessa and Elliot, for trusting us in bringing their ideas to life!